Spider-Man VS Venom: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Understand

Regardless of what people plan on doing to prepare for the inevitable Spider-Man vs Venom film, we know how we're going to celebrate: with memes!

Now that the Webhead's back in Sony's stable, it's only a matter of time before Spider-Man and Venom meet on the big screen. Will we get another catchy Eminem song to mark the occasion? Maybe we'll see something truly wild when the next Macy's Day Parade rolls in.

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Regardless of what everyone else plans on doing to prepare for the inevitable Spider-Man vs Venom film, we know how we're going to celebrate; with memes! Below are some of the best Spider-man vs Venom memes we could find - ranked in no particular order.

10 Tag Team

Do you remember that scene near the end of Thor: Ragnarok, when Odinson fought Hela? Despite his best efforts, Thor couldn't match out his big sister alone - he needed the help of an angry fire giant to put her down (for good?) Since Ragnarok became a huge hit, people have memed the Hel (ayy) out of that scene - swapping out Chris Hemsworth and Kate Blanchet with anyone and everyone.

This meme imagines an intense battle between two Spider-Men and Venom - Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, to be precise. When it becomes clear that the Spider-Men can't win, they pull out their trump card; Tobey Maguire!

9 Stalker

If we had to describe Venom in one word, yeah, we'd probably call him a stalker too. Both Eddie Brock and his symbiote harbor raging grudges against Spider-Man - with the symbiote specifically acting like a clingy, crazy ex. To make matters worse, Venom possesses powers similar to Spider-Man - on some "a piece of me is inside you now" BS.

And to make matters about as worse as they could possibly be, Venom also cancels out Spidey's Spider-Sense - allowing this yolked out douchebag to sneak up on the Webhead with ease! We'd never get a wink of sleep if a freak like Venom were stalking us.

8 Clean Up

Shout out to the Spectacular Spider-Man for inspiring this meme. Even though that show was geared towards kids, it didn't shy away from the creepier elements of the Spider-Man Mythos. Venom was in full form in that show, tormenting Spider-Man every chance he got. If he could, he'd probably give Spidey a wedgie and steal his lunch money!

This meme imagines something along those lines - Venom forcing Spider-Man to clean up after him like a glorified maid. You probably would have to be extremely thorough to clean up a crime scene, so we don't blame Spidey for missing a spot. But that doesn't make this meme any less funny.

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7 Spidey Area 51

September 20th more or less came and went without much fuss, but that doesn't mean we can't still joke about Area 51. Like, dudes were genuinely prepared to risk it all on the slim chance of finding aliens or top-secret tech! Don't get us wrong, we'd love to go Naruto running with ET - but only when the world's ready for that sort of thing.

We also wouldn't mind getting Spider powers either, as this meme suggests. But think about things from this perspective: if people can't even drink and drive responsibly, why would it be any different with Web slinging?

6 Venom Area 51

But maybe you're not looking to find power in the halls of Area 51 - maybe you're hoping to find love! Besides all the potential biological risks of making out with an alien organism, we're all for it. In theory, that is to say.

In practice, She-Venom probably wouldn't give a damn about any of our feelings - she'd be trying to break free ASAP! We can't blame her either, it probably gets boring looking at concrete and making the newest iPhones all day. Still, a fool can dream - and a fool can meme.

5 Sharing Is Caring

Even though Venom went on to become a box office success, we can't get over the symbiote's design. Seriously, we can't - we've been coming up with roasts since the day we first saw it! Do you want to hear a few? Okay, buckle up.

Venom looks like somebody sneezed in an oil spill. Venom's head looks like a Milk Dud. The Osmond family called, they want their teeth back. The list goes on and on. This meme makes Venom out to be a spazzed-out younger sibling begging to get a turn on the N64. Looks like we've got another burn to add to our list.

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4 Lover's Quarrel

Some say there's a fine line between love and hate, but we think that things can get blurry eventually. Think about it; Spider-Man and Venom have been at each other's throats for years. They know how the other fights and thinks like, they know the backs of their hands. Hell, they probably even know how the other man prefers his morning cup of coffee.

Honestly, it's not that much of a stretch to suggest that Venom has feelings for Spidey - besides seething hatred, that is. It's also funny to imagine these two as an odd couple, fighting over the littlest things.

3 Pettiness

It's also funny imagining Spidey and Venom as two coworkers who hate each other, yet can't kill one another. Instead of trying to solve things like adults, the two would enter into a shadow office war - doing petty crap like restarting the other guy's computer and spreading bogus rumors all around.

The last straw would be the fridge - even in times of war, some things are supposed to be off-limits. But this meme posits Spidey as the man who finally crosses the line, stealing Venom's food for kicks and giggles.

2 With Friends Like These

As any comic fan knows, Spider-man and Venom have teamed up on more than one occasion. Funnily enough, they typically join forces to fight Carnage - who's pictured buddying up with Spidey and Venom in this meme.

Honestly, we don't know what's going on for certain; maybe Carnage and Venom are working together to pull Spidy into a trap. Or maybe, just maybe, the three of them are finally going to give peace a chance!

1 Priceless

Yeah, this meme applies to Venom and Spider-Man now. After years of sifting through red tape, Sony finally managed to gain the film rights to Venom and Spider-Man.

Lord only knows what sorts of movies the studio will make now. All we know is that all things considered, Sony didn't have much trouble pulling this stunt off in the end.

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