Spider-Man: 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Shocker

Now that Spider-Man has been revamped in theaters, it's time to take a look at of all the "shocking" details about Herman Schultz, aka the Shocker.

Though Michael Keaton's portrayal of the Vulture has received a lot media attention, the Vulture wasn't the only villain who appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Another member of the wall-crawler's rogues gallery also showed up to wreak havoc.

In both his live-action and Marvel Cinematic Universe debut, the Shocker, also known as Herman Schultz, is played by Bokeem Woodbine. The version of the character that we see in the film wears a suit similar to his iconic comic book costume and also wields the gauntlets that can unleash powerful vibro-blasts.

The character has a history with Spider-Man that goes all the way back to 1967. The Shocker has clashed with the web-slinger so many times that the character has become an integral part of the web-slinger's world. He has even been featured in numerous cartoons and video games, each time as an antagonist of the friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man.

Since the Shocker is generally regarded as one of the wall-crawler's less-threatening villains, the character is sometimes underestimated and pushed into the background. However, in his 50 years of history, the Shocker has had his share of memorable moments, and not all of them involve his longtime enemy.

With that said, let's have a look at the 15 Things You Didn't Know About The Shocker.

15 The Shocker-mobile

In the final issue of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, a story told from the point of view of Boomerang, we see the Punisher continue his one-man war on organized crime, as he begins another one of his seemingly typical killing sprees. However, this particular battle turns out to be anything but typical. The Punisher's crusade is interrupted by the Shocker, who claims that he's tired of being treated like a loser.

With a cry of "don't mock the Shocker," the villain rides up in a buggy designed like his costume, and shoots the Punisher at point-blank range, knocking him clear over the horizon. The "Shocker-mobile" was clearly inspired by the cheesy "Spider-mobile" from the 1970s.

Shocker's stunning victory over the Punisher was enough to make other gangsters name the Shocker their new don. When Boomerang finishes his story, he admits that "half of it was made up." So, did the Shocker really ride the Shocker-mobile in an epic takedown of the Punisher? We'll probably never know...

14 He was a high-school dropout and "two-bit safecracker"

After dropping out of high school, orphan Herman Schultz turned to crime and soon became a self-described "two-bit safecracker." Schultz participated in numerous illegal acts that usually involved theft and extortion.

He was arrested several times and spent most of his time in prison. Fed up with his career as a failed criminal, Schultz decided that he would find a way to never be caught again. Schultz planned to use his engineering skills to invent a device that could silently open any safe by simply vibrating the door off.

He created a suit with foam-lined fabric and placed vibro-shock units in his thumb-operated gauntlets, allowing them to emit powerful vibrations. Schultz believed that, in becoming "the Shocker," he had reinvented himself as an unbeatable villain and that he would no longer be the "bumbling" and "frightened" safecracker he was in the past.

13 He easily defeated Spider-Man in their first encounter

The Shocker debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #46 in 1967. After injuring his arm in battle with the Lizard, Spider-Man was on the roof of a building when something caused it to shake. Spider-Man discovered that the source of the disturbance was a costumed villain who had dubbed himself "the Shocker."

Not realizing the destructive capabilities of the Shocker's gauntlets, Spider-Man underestimated the Shocker and found himself getting pounded, both at a distance and up close. Unable to find an advantage, Spider-Man was soundly beaten.

Though many of Spider-Man's first encounters with his foes end either in a draw-- or with the wall-crawler being forced to escape in order to find a way to win later-- the Shocker was able to pummel him into unconsciousness. Spider-Man found him later and was able to defeat him by webbing his thumbs, which kept him from pressing the triggers in his gauntlets.

12 He joined an evil version of the Defenders

When Doctor Strange first formed the Defenders, the idea behind the group was that they could function best as a secret, unlike the Avengers, who are known to the public.

The Defenders managed to keep their secret for years until college student and aspiring filmmaker Dollar Bill released a documentary about the group, and declared that anyone could be a Defender. The documentary inspired a group of supervillains led by Sagittarius and Libra to claim membership in the Defenders. Among them was the Shocker.

Sagittarius, Libra, and the others began committing crimes in the name of the Defenders, creating havoc all over the city. After breaking into the shock exchange, Shocker threatened a stock broker into investing in Richmond Enterprises (a company owned by Nighthawk's alter ego, Kyle Richmond.)

The Shocker ended up with a million dollars in his Swiss bank account. Along with many of the other villainous Defenders, the Shocker was eventually defeated by one of the real Defenders, Valkyrie.

11 He fought the original Guardians of the Galaxy

During Infinity War, the original Guardians of the Galaxy from the 31st century traveled to modern day New York City to visit the Avengers without realizing that the heroes of Earth were busy fighting the Magus.

Aware of the Avengers' absence, Doctor Octopus organized a new team of Masters of Evil, a group that included the Shocker, and led them in an attack on their headquarters. Expecting no resistance, the Masters of Evil were surprised to encounter the Guardians. A battle ensued, with Shocker and Gargantua managing to defeat the Guardians' strongest member, Charlie-27.

The battle was interrupted by the arrival of doppelgängers of both the villains and the Guardians. The doppelgängers were creations of the Magus, and the two teams had to put aside their differences long enough to fight off the doppelgängers.

When the fighting was over, Doctor Octopus wanted to finish off the Guardians, but Shocker and the others refused to help kill their allies and, instead, chased Doctor Octopus out of the mansion.

10 He mutated into a spider-like creature

During the Spider-Island event, many heroes and villains in New York City were infected by radioactive bedbugs created by the Jackal that gave them Spider-Man's powers and slowly transformed them into spider-like creatures.

Among the infected was the Shocker, who grew four arms and four eyes. Upset that he had turned into a freak, the Shocker was told by the Mad Thinker that he could be cured, but the operation would cost him a lot of money.

As the Shocker tried to raise the money with a heist, he was confronted by Spider-Man, who had yet to encounter anyone else who had undergone the full transformation. Thinking that Shocker had willingly undergone the mutations, Spider-Man engaged in a fight, but before a winner could be determined, Spider-Man discovered that the Shocker was a victim.

Spider-Man promised to find him a cure, and at the end of the event, the Shocker was returned to normal along with everyone else.

9 He was so paranoid that he was afraid to leave prison

Having suffered repeated defeats at the hands of Spider-Man and several others, the Shocker is one of many supervillains who has likely spent more time in prison than on the streets. However, what sets the Shocker apart from the rest is that there was a time where he actually wanted to stay in prison, because he felt safer there.

The Shocker experienced nightmares where he would be attacked by the Punisher, and then by the Scourge of the Underworld (an assassin known for killing supervillains). The nightmares would end with Spider-Man transforming into a Venom-like creature before trying to kill him.

Haunted by these dreams, the Shocker was terrified of leaving prison, which caused his fellow inmates and even the guards to make fun of him. After finally leaving prison, his fear of the Scourge was used against him by the Kingpin, who used a Scourge impersonator to frighten him away.

8 He acquired vibrational powers for a short time

After years of being defeated by Spider-Man, the Shocker, still suffering from his fear of the Scourge, decided that he was tired of being a loser and being afraid all the time. So, to make his problems go away, the Shocker used a machine that gave him the ability to actually emit vibrations without the need for his suit.

Unfortunately, his plan worked too well, and his powers increased to a point where he could no longer control the vibrations. After becoming what Spider-Man called "a human earthquake," the Shocker discovered that his body would continue to vibrate until his molecules vibrated so far apart that his particles would split off and cause massive quakes. According to Shocker, such a catastrophe would destroy New York City.

Spider-Man and Night Thrasher worked together to save the Shocker by using the frequency of his vibrations and tuning them to the counter-frequency, thus curing Shocker of his super powers.

7 He won a fan vote to join the Thunderbolts

In 2010, Marvel started a fan vote that would determine the next supervillain to join the Thunderbolts, a group of villains tasked with doing the government's dirty work. Counted among the candidates were villains such as the Shocker, the Absorbing Man, Madame Masque, Sandman, Batroc, and Mr. Hyde.

The winner of the vote was the Shocker, which paved the way for him to join the roster in Thunderbolts #157. Though Mr. Hyde didn't win the poll, he also joined the team in the same issue.

While Luke Cage was leading the Thunderbolts during Fear Itself, there became a need to set up a beta team that was later given the nickname "The Underbolts." With Songbird in charge, the team consisted of Mr. Hyde, Troll, the Shocker, Boomerang, and Centurius.

Together, they fought zombies in the Middle East. After being sent back to their base of operations, the Raft, the beta team began to look for a way to escape. During a battle with occult monsters, the Shocker saw his chance and made a break for it.

Despite winning the vote, the Shocker was only on the team for a half-dozen issues.

6 Jackson Brice was the Shocker in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon

The Shocker is a member of the Sinister Six in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series, but is not the version of the character that comic fans are familiar with.

In the show, the Shocker is Jackson Brice instead of safecracker Herman Schultz. Prior to wearing the suit on the orders of Hammerhead, Brice went by the name "Montana" and fought Spider-Man with his lasso. Montana worked with criminals Fancy Dan and Ox in a group called the Enforcers.

Jackson Brice also exists in the comic books, but only as Montana. Montana and the other Enforcers debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #10 in 1964, but the character never had any connection to "the Shocker" identity.

Both Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

5 He decided not to kill Spider-Man when Parker was helpless

After being bit by Morbius the Living Vampire, Spider-Man suffered from a serious side effect: vertigo. Constantly dizzy, Spider-Man became terrified of falling. For Spider-Man, living with vertigo was a nightmare, which is understandable if you consider how hard it must be to swing from skyscrapers when you suddenly develop a fear of heights.

Running into the Shocker only made things worse. Just as Shocker was doing a villainous monologue, Spider-Man lost his balance and fell onto a ledge. Shocker realized that he could finally kill his oldest enemy, but Spider-Man's incapacitated state was making it too easy.

The Shocker promised that their next meeting would be "shocking" and left, despite Spider-Man's pleas for help. Apparently, the Shocker was willing to let him live, but saving him would be a step too far.

4 He almost defeated Iron Man

The Shocker once knocked a subway train off its tracks with the intention of robbing the passengers. He, of course, had no idea that one of the passengers was Tony Stark. Stark quickly suited up as Iron Man, but secretly worried that this was a fight he might lose.

His last armor had become sentient, causing Stark to build his latest suit from scratch. Since the new armor lacked the technological advancements of his previous suits, Iron Man had no choice but to face the Shocker with low-grade tech.

Knowing that he could easily get himself killed, Iron Man tried to be careful in his fight with Shocker, but the villain's vibro-blasts were almost too powerful for Iron Man's new suit. Iron Man's armor received several punishing blows from Shocker's blasts, but... in the end, Iron Man managed to pull out a victory.

3 He helped Egghead frame Hank Pym

In 1981, Hank Pym suffered from a nervous breakdown and struck his wife. It was the moment that significantly damaged the hero's image in the eyes of his fellow superheroes and fans, a fact that was recently acknowledged by Marvel in Secret Empire.

What some fans may not know about the storyline is that the Shocker played a crucial role in the controversial event.

Seeing that Pym's reputation was going down the drain, his long-time nemesis Egghead thought to capitalize on Pym's recent failures. Since Pym had lost the respect of the superhero community, it was easy for Egghead to frame Pym and put him behind bars. As the final nail in the coffin, Egghead sent in the new Masters of Evil team (including the Shocker) to break him out of prison.

The Shocker had no idea how expendable he was to Egghead, as Egghead had allowed him to be captured by the Avengers. Apparently, Egghead had secretly tampered with Shocker's brain in order to make him believe that he was hired by Pym himself.

Shocker's "confession" made it harder for Pym to clear himself, but the hero eventually found a way to single-handedly beat the villains and prove his innocence.

2 He tried to assassinate Gwen Stacy's cousin

The Shocker was paid by Norman Osborn to assassinate Paul Stacy, Gwen Stacy's cousin who had joined an anti-mutant group. Osborn suspected that Stacy might have been a witness to a murder. Spider-Man tried to stop him, but soon discovered that the Shocker had received a serious upgrade.

The Shocker explained that he had miniaturized the vibro-units in his suit and spread them out, allowing him to create a vibrational force field. Unable to defeat the Shocker one-on-one, Spider-Man struggled to escape with Paul Stacy in tow.

The situation became even more difficult to manage when Trapster arrived on the scene to assist Shocker. Faced with overwhelming odds, Spider-Man was defeated by the duo.

Before they could finish him, however, they received a call from Osborn, who informed them that they would be paid double to let Spider-Man live. Before leaving, Shocker promised Spider-Man that another chance would come soon.

1 He held New York City for ransom

Though the Shocker has served on many teams of villains, such as the Sinister Six and the Masters of Evil, he has also proven capable of being a menace to the city all by himself. One of his best solo outings began in The Amazing Spider-Man #151 when, one night, Spider-Man noticed that the lights on certain streets of Manhattan were blacking out.

From up high, Spider-Man realized that the blackouts had a pattern: spelled out in gigantic letters was the word "Shocker." This was the villain's way of sending a message to the entire city, letting them know that he alone was the one responsible.

He didn't stop there, though. The shocker proceeded to broadcast a message to the city, threatening to blackout all of New York City if he didn't receive a million dollars. After a tough battle, however, Spider-Man was able to thwart his scheme.


What do you think of Spider-Man's the Shocker? Do you know any other interesting facts about him? Let us know in the comments!

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