Rumor Patrol: 'Spider-Man' Female Superhero Teamup Movie in the Works

Spider-Man female superhero team up

Comic book movie fans are still reeling from Marvel's recent unveiling of its entire upcoming Phase Three line-up, which came not long after Warner Bros. revealed all of the DC comics-based movies set to hit theaters over the next six years. Twentieth Century Fox is also working hard at building its own library of Marvel films, with more X-Men movies on the way as well as a Fantastic Four reboot and the long-awaited Deadpool standalone movie.

Another major slice of the Marvel pie - namely, Spider-Man and its related properties - rests in the hands of Sony Pictures, but unlike its competitors, Sony doesn't seem quite sure about what the future of its comic book movie universe should look like. Spider-Man is the single most lucrative film franchise that Sony owns and has already been rebooted once, but recent rumors point to another soft reboot of the series in Sinister Six, as well as talk of a movie focused on one of the female superheroes connected to Spider-Man.

Badass Digest has published a new report stating that Sony isn't just considering making a female superhero movie - the studio wants to make a female superhero team-up movie. The project apparently has the rather on-the-nose working title Glass Ceiling, and would bring together female Spider-Man characters like Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman and Silk (those are just some of the possible candidates; the report doesn't point to any characters in particular).

Spider-Man and Silk

Keep in mind that this is all just rumor for now and that Badass Digest doesn't make claims of Glass Ceiling being a concrete plan, instead describing it as simply "one of the ideas that Sony has been kicking around." It's certainly one of Sony's bolder ideas; while there have been a handful of movies about female superheroes in the past, there has never been an all-female superhero team-up movie before.

It's easy to paint Sony as being unsure and indecisive when Marvel and DC are confidently announcing movies five or six years in advance of their release, but it's important to remember that Sony already has two more Amazing Spider-Man movies scheduled along with Sinister Six, which adds up to a respectable amount of advanced planning. It would be unfair to say that Sony has no idea what to do with Spider-Man just because the studio hasn't yet settled on which of the many ideas being thrown around will eventually become a reality.

In fact, a policy of caution may end up proving prudent as Marvel and Warner Bros. lead eagerly ahead. We can't be certain that comic book movies will retain their current height of popularity over the next five years and female-led superhero movies are largely untested at the moment. Perhaps Sony is waiting to see if Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel can break through that glass ceiling first?

We'll keep you updated as more rumors arise, but for now, what do you think of the plan? Should Sony hand the reins of their Spider-Man universe over to some new female leads?

Source: Badass Digest

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