Spider-Man's Stealth Suit & Mysterio Featured in Far From Home Toy Art

Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer

The Marvel Legends toy line has unveiled what Spider-Man's Stealth Suit and Mysterio will look like in the upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home. Spidey's sequel finds Peter Parker on an overseas school trip with his friends, but his summer fun is put on hold when he's recruited by Nick Fury to fight The Elementals alongside the magician Mysterio, normally a long-time villain of the web-slinger, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Supposedly, the film will be picking up moments after the epic finale of Avengers: Endgame. The release of Far From Home's first trailer threw off many fans who not so long before watched Spider-Man disintegrate into thin air from Thanos' snap. Though weirdly timed, it reminded fans of the bright side to come after the Avengers' final outing. Marvel Studio's president, Kevin Feige, also stated at a fan event in Shanghai that Far From Home will actually be the end of Phase 3, not Endgame. This was a decision that ultimately makes more sense, assuming it will serve as both an epilogue to Endgame and a perfect set-up for what can be expected from Marvel's Phase 4.

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Now, eager fans can take a good look at what Spider-Man's attire will consist of in his next solo adventure. Jerry Wilson, an artist who creates pieces for the Marvel Legends toy line, shared photos on his Instagram of both Spidey's Stealth Suit and Mysterio's costume from the upcoming film. He expressed that each design is, "created with official MCU character art," meaning the designs featured are the ones fans can expect to see. In Far From Home, Nick Fury is the one who gifts Peter Parker with his Stealth Suit, helping to keep his identity a secret while fighting The Elementals in Europe. Check out Wilson's designs below:

Other toy companies have given fans a sneak peak at characters that could be making an appearance in the upcoming feature. Earlier in the week, Hasbro revealed their full Far From Home toy line, which included Hydro-Man, Molten Man, and Scorpion, along with general Legends lineups such as Spider-Woman and Doppelgänger Spider-Man. Leaked images of LEGO sets for the film also confirmed that Hydro-Man and Molten Man will be appearing as two of the villains Spidey will be fighting against. One major elemental who's missing from the wide array of toys is Sandman, begging the question if he'll be included in the line-up of villains when the film's released. This line doesn't serve as solid confirmation of anything, but hopefully the next trailer will give viewers more details to sink their teeth into.

Toy releases have become an exciting way for comic book fans to speculate about what to expect from their favorite heroes in upcoming features. They serve as a subtle way to whet the appetite of anxiously awaiting Marvel, or even DC, fans without giving too many plot details away. In a world that has somewhat of a difficult time holding back spoilers, especially on social media, collectibles like the ones from Marvel Legends' Spider-Man: Far From Home toy line provide the perfect fix for those who are curious about what to expect from upcoming releases.

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Source: Jerry Wilson

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  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) release date: Jul 02, 2019
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