Why Edgar Wright Should Direct A Spider-Man Spinoff Movie

Time and time again, Edgar Wright has proven he’s one of the most innovative directors in Hollywood. After gaining cult attention for his work on the show Spaced, his zombie spoof Shaun of the Dead became a dorm room favorite for its witty recreation of the genre. The remainder of the Cornetto Trilogy, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, continued his streak of masterfully aping the best and worst of action movie subgenres and turning them into something unique in their familiarity. And with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, he managed to provide one of the most idiosyncratic comic book adaptations of all time.

It’s that body of work and his abundance of style that led Wright to spend years developing Ant-Man for Marvel. Sadly, the auteur and studio eventually parted ways due to a difference in vision. Luckily, that job led directly to Wright making Baby Driver.

While the new film bears many of the hallmarks of Wright as a writer and director, it also signals his most mature movie yet. Not only does it redefine what a heist movie can be, but it upends our preconceptions of music and romance in film. Thanks to the movie’s near-universal acclaim, Wright is about to catapult into a new level of Hollywood. As such, he’ll once again be fielding calls to tackle a tentpole. And though he may be sour on the experience, Sony’s proposed Spider-Man spinoffs may just be the perfect medium for Wright to work his magic.

Chameleon: The Art of Imitation

Though there’s a certain irony in the idea of Wright finally making a Marvel movie but in Sony’s side universe, the opportunity for the auteur to make a big budget comic book movie is all too perfect. While we know Wright and Marvel Studios likely have a rocky relationship, Sony and the director just reinforced theirs.

Thanks to Sony Pictures taking a chance on Wright’s original film, they’ll both benefit thanks to the artistic clout of and critical praise for Baby Driver. As such, it makes sense for Sony to at least broach the subject of helming a Spider-Man spinoff to Wright. But more than that, a number of possible films Sony could make have some incredible potential for Wright as a filmmaker.

With Spider-Man himself wrapped up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony seems to be looking at his rogues gallery for characters they can turn into anti-hero leads. Venom and Black Cat & Silver Sable make the most sense given the line they’ve walked in the comics for years. That said, a number of other Spidey villains could be given a sympathetic angle with the right creator behind them.

The Chameleon seems like one of the perfect antagonistic protagonists for Wright to tackle given both of their gifts for imitation. Premiering in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963, Chameleon is one of the very first Spider-Man rogues we meet. A Russian spy with an uncanny knack for disguise, Chameleon’s entire skill-set revolves around his ability to imitate others down to the most minute detail.

Wright made a name for himself sending up bombastic Hollywood genres, so the idea of him tackling Marvel’s master of disguise is too thrilling of an opportunity to pass up. Not only that, but Wright’s skill for filming action could make for an amazing period piece set during the Cold War. After all, no need to explain Spider-Man if he hasn’t even been born yet.

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