Spider-Man Has a Spider-Sense in the MCU, Says Kevin Feige

After a slight bit of confusion, Kevin Feige has confirmed that Peter will indeed use his Spider-Sense in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Starting with previews tonight, most fans around the world will get the chance to see Spider-Man in all his MCU glory. Not only will Peter's life be affected by the existence of the Avengers and their misadventures, but Iron Man himself will help mentor the young superhero. Part of that mentorship will come in the form of Spidey's new suit, complete with its own AI and plenty of nifty features.

Thanks to the new suit, the on-screen Spidey will finally be able to use a variety of different web combos from the comics. We've seen a few on display in the trailers and promotional art, hinting at the possibilities of Peter's upgraded web shooters. Homecoming director Jon Watts has even talked about his approach to filming the web slinging scenes in an effort to keep things grounded. But with the suit's AI, a new question has arisen: does Spider-Man need to rely on his signature Spider-Sense anymore?

IGN spoke with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and asked him about Peter's new suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming and whether it meant his Spider-Sense was no longer needed.

"No, I think he has it. And I think he has it with or without that suit. I think how we explore it in a cinematic sense will change."

For fans of the character, Peter's precognitive Spider-Sense is one of his greatest assets. That's why a report from a few days ago had many worried. Though it never mentioned Spider-Sense was out, it did hint the power wouldn't be as focused on in the new film. Feige, however, says it's still an integral part of the character.

"But there are ways coming up that will slowly hint at that and also just make it part of his, you know, his natural abilities. But we don't know that if it will be -- I think we'll explore it further down the line, but [it's] definitely him not the suit."

Once you reread the original quote, it's clear what both Watts and Feige are talking about. Peter's Spider-Sense won't be front and center, but he'll still be using it. After all, he'll spend a good chunk of the movie outside of his fancy new Stark suit. There's also the fact that Civil War clearly showed Spidey using his extrasensory ability during his fight with Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

For Feige and company, it's less about abandoning the power and more about differentiating themselves from previous Spider-Man films.

"I mean, that was sort of a big showy part of previous versions and we thought that we'd make it more of an internal, sort of second nature thing for him."

Regardless of the amount that Peter's Spidey Sense will be tingling, Homecoming is doing exceptionally well already. Strong reviews have certified it fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Meanwhile, the latest estimates have the film set for a massive global opening and a huge domestic box office as well. Whatever slight tweaks Feige and Watts have made, they seem to be paying off for Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Source: IGN

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