Spider-Man: 10 Spidey Comic Costumes We Hope To See In Live-Action

With the many Spider-Man costumes from the comics, these are the ten suits that should appear in live-action someday.

One of the greatest elements in Spider-Man's mythology is the many costumes that Peter Parker and other Spidey heroes have sported. While we have seen a handful of looks in live-action and animation, that's not even half of the designs that exist in the comics. With Spider-Man being committed through Tom Holland's version in the MCU and the potential of Sony doing Spidey-centric TV shows, more designs deserve to come to life. It's not just the costumes, but also some of the characters wearing those uniforms that deserve to be introduced as well. There are a lot of versions that they can go with from the comics in the last twenty years.

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It remains to be seen what projects are actually happening for Spider-Man in live-action beyond the Holland franchise. It might take time for Sony as they determine what shows get made and if they do more films with Marvel Studios. With that all said, these are the 10 Spidey-costumes that should be introduced in live-action in the foreseeable future.

10 Negative Suit

One of the suits that got a bigger spotlight thanks to Spider-Man PS4 is the Negative suit. If we ever see a story where Peter goes to the Negative Zone, it would be neat to see how they adapt this costume into live-action. With its specific color scheme, seeing a costume designer bring it to life would be quite interesting. This is one of the more popping costumes from the lore so if it ever makes into a film or TV show, that will be impressive.

9 Spider-Woman

It can't be stressed enough how much Jessica Drew a.k.a. Spider-Woman deserves to have her own adventure in live-action. Whether it's in her own film or show or even part of an assemble, Jessica is an underutilized heroine who deserves her spotlight.

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With Jessica, she has one of the coolest Spidey looks too with her web wings and the way her suit is designed. Even though the character has gone through a redesign of her suit in the comics, we still prefer the original deal.

8 Spider-Man 2099

The more the Spider-Man 2099 suit appears in animation or other media, the more we want him in live-action. One of the biggest appeals, besides the time travel aspect, is Miguel O'Hara's costume. While it definitely always feels like a Spidey outfit, it still stands out so much to be its own thing. If we ever get a project where the 2099 arc can be done, seeing this costume jumping from panel to screen would be massive. Given its tone and vibe, it would be compelling to see how the costume designer would take on this particular suit.

7 Silk

Supposedly a Silk feature film is in the works, but no updates have been made for a long time. Given that Cindy Moon is a powerful heroine who is also a woman of color, we hope to see her film get made or maybe a TV series instead, from Sony.

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Silk is also one of those Spideys that have a distinct look with her costume. While honoring the Spider-Man universe as a whole, it is also another design that makes it her own.

6 Noir Spider-Man

Following his role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the Noir Spider-Man should appear somewhere in live-action at some point. Whether it's a solo film or weekly television series, that particular costume would be genuinely fun to see in action. It's another rare look from the mythology that makes you desperately want to see how it pulls off in live-action. Also, a Spider-Man with a trench coat and detective hat, that's too big to pass on.

5 Spider-Gwen

Gwen Stacy may have had her time in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise with Emma Stone, but it's her superhero counterpart we still need to see. Spider-Gwen has such a big following that it shocks us that she hasn't been brought into live-action already.

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What is fascinating with her as a hero is Gwen's costume that has such a refreshing color combination. With great layers of white, black, and pink, the Spider-Gwen suit would look perfect in live-action.

4 Iron Spider

Even though Holland's Spider-Man has an Iron Spider suit, we want the real one to get introduced one day. The problem with the MCU version is how the color scheme makes the suit look too busy. The comic version just goes with red and gold, simple as that. If Sony and Marvel were to do more films together after the new two-picture deal has happened, we hope to see Holland in the real Iron Spider suit.

3 Scarlet Spider

Similarly to the previous suit, Holland has worn a suit that pays tribute to the Scarlet Spider costume. But what we're proposing is to see not only this suit but also the man underneath the mask: Ben Reilley. Whether it's in the MCU or in his own show or movie, this is such a simple, but yet phenomenal design. It would be a shame if Ben, as well as his suit, never lives beyond the comic pages.

2 Miles Morales

Speaking of heroes that are in need to make a live-action debut: Miles Morales is another one we need to see. With the character's popularity and role growing year after year, it's no wonder why people want to see Miles. Following the character leading his own successful film with Into the Spider-Verse, a live-action adventure for Miles has to happen. If Miles arrives in the near future, so will his amazing costume. If we had to choose, having a weekly series that consists of ten-twelve episodes per season would be our preference. But to have that particular costume, with its black and red color scheme, be introduced from page to screen, would be incredibly cool.

1 Symbiote Suit

Spider-Man 3 doesn't count when it comes to doing a real adaptation of the symbiote saga where Peter ditches the red and blue for black. At some point, it would be compelling to see Holland's Spider-Man finally get to play around with this iconic storyline. Seeing a proper take on that story and the suit be handled with respect, would be a lot of people's dream come true. If this also somehow allows for a crossover with Venom to happen, even better. This is one of the biggest arcs in Peter's whole mythology and it deserves to be told right and have the Symbiote suit be done correctly too.

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