Into the Spider-Verse Producers Tease Donald Glover Cameo

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller tease Donald Glover may have a quick cameo in the animated film.

Donald Glover may have a cameo in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Peter Parker has been the only Spider-Man to ever star in a movie for quite some time, but Spider-Verse will change that up. The most iconic version of the character will still be part of the film, but the Miles Morales version of Spidey will be the lead in the animated movie.

Miles was created by Brian Michael Bendis back in 2011, in a different universe than the main Marvel-616 continuity. The Afro-Latino teen gave Marvel a chance to tell a brand new type of story when it came to who was Spider-Man, and the reception has been astronomical. He's gone on to lead his own solo comic series, and eventually became part of the main continuity, and even had a role in Spider-Man PS4 earlier this year. But, back when Sony was looking to cast a new Spider-Man for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, Donald Glover campaigned hard for the role. This was before Miles Morales was even created, and even though the role went to Andrew Garfield, Glover has since landed a role in the MCU as Aaron Davis - the uncle of Miles.

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Well, it appears viewers may also be able to see Glover in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseFandango spoke to producer/co-writer Phil Lord and producer Chris Miller regarding several Spider-Verse topics, but didn't let the opportunity to ask about a possible Easter egg go by. The outlet asked Lord and Miller if a background character at Miles' uncle's apartment is supposed to be Glover. They wouldn't completely confirm it's him, but it certainly appears to be.

Lord: It sure looks like him…

Miller: I don’t know if we’re legally allowed to say…

Lord: We basically wanted to tip our hat to Community and the groundswell of support for the Spider-Man of color that came out of that, and we just thought it was a neat little nod.

Miller: That episode [of Community] was sort of the origin of where Miles came from. It may or may not actually be in the movie. You have to watch to find out...

Donald Glover in The Martian

If Spider-Verse does have a character lookalike for Glover as a nod to his role in helping "create" Miles, then this is an incredible Easter egg for Lord and Miller and their team to include. It isn't clear if Glover would even know about the moment either, as it may just be a character with his likeness that didn't require Glover to actually be involved.

However, this could be more than just a tip of the cap to Glover, and instead be Lord and Miller showing their own respect for the actor. With Spider-Verse envisioned to be just the beginning of this universe, maybe Glover could actually get a role in the sequel. His dream of being Spider-Man in a live-action setting has likely passed by anyway, so getting him to voice someone in Miles' life could be the next best thing. That said, Spider-Verse does deal with the idea of multiple universes, so maybe Glover could voice a Miles Morales from a different dimension in a future film.

This possible Glover cameo is sure to be just one of many Easter eggs that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has. Reactions are currently claiming the film could be one of the best superhero movies of all-time, and Screen Rant's full review backs up this sentiment. Once the movie hits theaters, be sure to check back for a full list of all the different Easter eggs, and (hopefully) confirmation that Glover does have a cameo.

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Source: Fandango

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