Spider-Man: Silver Sable & Black Cat Spinoff in Development

Black Cat and Silver Sable movie

Sony is aggressively moving forward with all things related to Spider-Man. With Tom Holland debuting as Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain America: Civil War just last spring, Sony initially cooled on developing all other spinoffs to focus on this new relationship with Marvel Studios. However, even during that time they announced an animated Spider-Man movie that will be led by Miles Morales - giving the fan-favorite character a chance to shine on the big screen. More recently, they have decided to continue with plans for Venom, announcing a 2018 release date.

This appears to be only the beginning of their plans however, and next up will be two female characters. It was rumored long ago that Silver Sable could be lined up for a big screen debut, while Black Cat has not been heard from since Felicity Jones played the character briefly in Amazing Spider-Man 2. But, now it looks as though they'll be teaming up.

THR is reporting that Sony is moving forward with plans for a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie. With a previous draft of the script written by Lisa Joy, the co-creator of Westworld, they have now brought Chris Yost onboard to pen the latest version. Yost already has superhero ties after writing the script on Thor: Ragnarok, but that will not help this cause as THR's Borys Kit has gone on to clarify on Twitter that these films will not be connected to the MCU and Kevin Feige is not involved.

New Venom Comic Black Cat

With Spider-Man: Homecoming due out later this year, it is quite surprising for Sony to move forward with all of these spinoffs and not have the ability to cross them over with Holland's version. After all, it was Sony's last Spidey adventure without the help of Marvel Studios that brought fans to beg for the character to come back to Marvel. Sony will have to do some work to regain the favor of fans, especially with these films potentially eliminating these characters from appearing within the MCU.

Even though fans may want this to only be connected to the MCU or not exist at all, from Sony's perspective it makes sense to move forward with these projects. The Spider-Man brand has been rejuvenated and people are dying to see more, but if Marvel Studios does not have room for these projects, then it is better for them to try to capitalize now, rather than wait and see if there is a place for them in the MCU. Plus, if they do start production later this year, a superhero film with two female leads would be the first of its kind - depending on how quickly Gotham City Sirens develops.

Now the question becomes how will Sony go about crafting this Spidey-verse that (most likely) does not include a Spider-Man. Will these characters operate in a world without a Spider-Man ever existing? Could this universe feature a history where Spider-Man has already died? Or, could Sony actually bring another version of Spider-Man to life that is not Holland? There is also the possibility these are each separate one-off films that do not exist within any sort of continuity, allowing Sony to follow the Fox format almost and focus on making great, standalone films. All of these could be possible, but as these characters have close ties to the web-slinger, it will be interesting to say the least how these movies develop.

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The Black Cat and Silver Sable movie is currently in development and does not have a release date.

Source: THR

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