Spider-Man Gets Full-on Spidey Sense in Avengers: Infinity War

In brand new footage from Avengers: Infinity War, it appears Peter Parker will be finding his spider sense in the third Avengers film. Straight off the back of his first standalone adventure with Spider-Man: Homecoming, the wall-crawler appears to be growing up alongside his powers.

Although Homecoming seemed to be taking Spider-Man away from his classic comic book iteration we have come to love since 1962, it looks like the Russo brothers will be relying on some classic Web-Head magic when Spidey officially joins the ranks of the Avengers.

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Alongside a first-look at Infinity War during Disney's D23 panel for the MCU, the whole gang "assembled" and fans were treated to the footage. As well as seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy cross paths with Asgard's Thor, we also saw Peter Parker being drawn into the action. In one scene, we saw the newbie hero sense danger while on a school bus. With his hair literally stand on end, it was Spidey sense confirmed. Fans quickly took to social media to share the news:

Scarlet Witch stares at Vision locked in a cage. Peter Parker is in a bus as the hairs on his arm start to raise (Spider sense).

— DiscussingFilm @ D23 (@DiscussingFilm) July 15, 2017

For anyone complaining about him not having Spider-Sense

— Crash Bandicoon (@SenketsuMatoi) July 15, 2017

Has a scene with Peter Parker on bus & all of a sudden all his hair on his arm sticks up and his face he knows something is up #spidersense

— Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) July 15, 2017

The introduction of the Spider sense for Infinity War coincides with Kevin Feige's recent comments that the powers exist in the MCU. Although fans were originally skeptical, Feige assured us that the Spider sense would appear in the expanded universe. We already know that Tom Holland's first solo film would cut out the origin story that had been in the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield eras. Director Jon Watts said that Homecoming wouldn't explore Spider-Man's danger-sensing powers, but we won't have too long to wait to see them in action. Although Uncle Ben is still MIA, it is great to see the Spidey sense back.

We may have seen Holland's version of Spider-Man come to terms with his powers, but Watts stopped short of officially introducing the Spider sense. Homecoming did a great job of distancing itself from the previous Spider-Man solo films, but now that our hero has swung his way to victory, it is time to get back to what makes the hero such a classic. It looks like Infinity War will be picking up where we left off, while also giving us a more established superhero.

As well as introducing Parker's classic powers, Infinity War reportedly gives him a new suit, an old suit, and some new alliances. With the huge success of Homecoming and popularity of Holland, surely the character can only go from strength to strength. Helping take on the Mad Titan Thanos seems to be Spider-Man's time to shine. The footage is yet to be released online, but it sounds like it is easily one of the biggest highlights to come out of the entire D23 Expo. We will keep you updated when we know more.

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