15Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange Knows Spider-Man's Identity

After Spider-Man revealed himself to the world in Civil War #2, he needed some serious magic to put the cat back in the bag. As you might expect, this proved difficult. In Amazing Spider-Man #641, Parker sought the sorcery of Doctor Strange to spare him the unwanted fame.

Enter a gnarly

spell that only the Sorcerer Supreme could dream up. Working alongside Mister Fantastic and Iron Man, Doctor Strange crafted a magical storm that would erase Peter’s identity from the world at large. Think the Men in Black pen, except in the Marvel universe. If the spell should work, even the Sorcerer himself would forget the guy beneath the spider-suit, reminding Peter that “When the storm dissipates, I will be incapacitated. Leave immediately, lest you want me to wonder why you’re here.” In the superhero world, it takes a village to keep a secret.

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