College Professor Teaches Class as Spider-Man of Science


It’s an old saying, passed through generations and heard in multiple movies, that anyone can be a hero. Some take it philosophically and some others take it literally. It’s not strange seeing people dressed as their favourite superheroes at conventions, parties, and – of course – on Halloween, but some might find it odd seeing a teacher dressed as a superhero. More so if it's a college professor.

It’s not a prank and he’s not paying a bet either; while some teachers use superheroes as examples in their classes (either to make the subject lighter or connect with their students), this science professor has chosen to bring a daily dose of Marvel to his class by dressing as Spider-Man.

Thanks to Great Big Story, all eyes are on Moisés Vázquez, a 27-year-old teacher at México City’s National Autonomous University, who took uncle Ben’s words about power and responsibility to another level. Moisés shares:

“I don’t think that being a superhero precludes teaching. On the contrary, having power isn’t a privilege but a responsibility.”

Moisés, a comic book enthusiast, took inspiration from The Amazing Spider-Man, in which the web-slinger is seen in front of a chalkboard, teaching a class. Just like Spidey would, he leaves his house in costume so he can arrive to the university in full Spider-Man mode. Naturally, the first reactions to Moisés’ new dress-code were mixed, with some people telling him he was crazy, but now he is known as the “Spider-Man of Science” among students and colleagues.


But Moisés isn’t looking for fame, he wants to show people that they can always do their work with more feeling – it’s only a matter of finding one’s motivation, which in his case, is disguising himself as a superhero. As for how his students have reacted, he shares he now has a better connection with them. He adds that the important thing is “not who is doing it, but rather what is being done.”

Our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man isn’t the only superhero who has taken over a classroom in comics; Emma Frost, Susan Storm, Charles Xavier (of course!) and Black Panther are just a few Marvel heroes that have served as teachers at some point.


What Moisés is doing as the “Spider-Man of Science” – aside from being the representation of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”  – is proof that you can always make your job more enjoyable, interesting, and fun if only by adding something you are passionate about. And luckily, that motivation will inspire others to find their own or add a fun twist to their work routines.

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Source: Great Big Story (via CBR)

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