New Spider-Man Image Shows Mask & Web Shooters

Andrew Garfield - Spider-Man costume mask and Web-Shooters

Just over a week ago the very first image of The Social Network star Andrew Garfield in costume as Spider-Man hit the web (pun intended) and since then, details and set photos have been surfacing almost daily.

In what ways will director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) differentiate this movie from the (very) recent Spider-Man films? We know Daily Bugle's infamous J. Jonah Jameson and Peter Parker love interest Mary Jane won't be around this go. Outside of the character selections, the biggest change for the film, at least visually, will be in the new Spider-Man costume which we have only see so far from the official mask-less Garfield pic and some distant set photos.

MTV shared the latest photo, released from the set of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man reboot, which reveals the best full look yet of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man in action. This is also our first legitimate close look at Spidey's new mask and the confirmed mechanical web-shooters, built into his costume.

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Close-up of new Spider-Man costume

The new Spider-Man outfit designed for Garfield's lankier build is noticeably a lot brighter in color, looking and feeling more like a comic book or cartoon (or an Olympic swimmer). A part of the reason for the significant design change over Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy design is to differentiate it from the familiar Tobey Maguire look and more importantly, to compensate for the downside of shooting in 3D, the darkening caused by shooting it in RED EPIC 3D.

So, what you see here is not quite how it'll look in the final product. Obviously. From the images thus far, I still do prefer Maguire's sleek and modern costume over this design but I'll give Garfield a chance to show me it in action.

As for the mechanical web-shooters, you can see what they look like built into the costume here. But what catches my attention is the same metallic look on his feet.

With a solid idea of what the new iteration of the Spider-Man franchise title hero will look like, we wait anxiously for a look at The Lizard (Rhys Ifans).

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The untitled Spider-Man reboot hits 2D and 3D theaters July 3, 2012.

Source: MTV

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