Marc Webb Slings Some Spider-Man Reboot Details

Marc Webb spoke with MTV News about the upcoming Spider-Man 3D reboot, addressing a few rumors and teasing the possibility of more announcements to come

Hot on the heels of the new Iron Man trailer that debuted on last night's Jimmy Kimmel, we're also getting a few details about another upcoming Marvel project.

Marc Webb, director of the Spider-Man reboot (in 3D!), spoke with MTV News while making his way down the red carpet at Friday's Independent Spirit Awards. Though the director was tight-lipped, he talked a bit about what interests him about the project while either addressing or dodging  - depending on how hungry you are for specifics - a couple of rumors that have been making their way around the blogosphere.

When asked about his interest in the Spider-Man reboot, Webb focused on the film's main character:

"I think that there's something about Peter Parker that's just... He's a legend. That mythology is appealing to me and it has been for a long time. It's just a dream come true."

In regards to the potential casting of Peter Parker, as well as the speculation that Webb's 500 Days of Summer star Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be in the running the director was less specific:

"We're casting a wide net. That's really all i can say at this point."

Webb had no problem confirming that he did meet with James Cameron and Jon Landau in order to discuss the 3D tech for the Spider-Man reboot:

"I talked to James and Jon a little bit. It's such an enormous undertaking. I'd like to talk to those guys more. They're fantastic representatives for 3-D and we'll be talking more about that."

Hopefully, the first thing that Cameron told Webb was something like "subtlety is the key to a great 3D experience," because when the Spider-Man reboot swings into theaters in Summer 2012, I'd rather not spend the whole two hours being reminded I'm watching a 3D film by constant projectiles being thrown at the screen.

That said, 3D could really work for this franchise, especially if it allows the filmmakers to better capture Spidey's web-slinging through the Manhattan urban sprawl - where the added depth could really create a great sense of immersion.

Spider-Man Reboot

Spidey in 3D could be awesome if done right...

Anyway, Webb concluded the interview by hinting that more information is forthcoming: "In the coming weeks, more will unfold."

The tease is vague to say the least: Either Webb was specifically addressing a few upcoming official announcements or simply stating the obvious since this Spider-Man reboot is already green-lit for pre-production.

We'll keep our Spidey-sense on high alert for further details.

What would you like to see in the Spider-Man reboot? What are you hoping the franchise will leave in the past?

The Spider-Man 3D Reboot is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release.

Source: MTV News



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