This Spider-Man PS4 Costume Makes It Feel Like You're Playing The Animated Series

With a retro homage to Spider-Man: The Animated series, Insomniac's PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man allows gamers to swing across the New York City skyline in Peter Parker's vintage suit. Boasting nearly 30 suitsSpider-Man has something for everyone thanks to the game's eclectic wardrobe. For those who want to relive the magic of the '90s series, now they can.

Running from 1994 to 1998, Spider-Man: The Animated series is up there with the likes of X-Men: The Animated Series and Batman: The Animated Series as one of the best superhero cartoons of all time. Considering there were 65 episodes across five seasons, it makes sense that developers at Insomniac found a few influences for their game in the Fox Kids show. While there is no appearance of Hydro-Man or a Madame Web cameo, one of Parker's outfits looks like it has been pulled directly from the show.

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Shared on Twitter by Kotaku, fans can get a look at The Animated Series-inspired suit in all its glory. Some suits like the Negative Suit and Spirit Spider stand out more than others, but this cell-shaded addition really pops against Insomniac's hyper realistic backdrop. At least no one can argue about Spider-Man's downgraded graphics thanks to devs purposefully adding the retro look for the unlockable suit, which also goes hand in hand with a trailer remix that combines 2018's game with The Animated Series.

Dubbed the Vintage Comic Book Suit, Spidey's cartoonish outfit can only be unlocked at Level 41. Costing four Backpack Tokens, four Challenge Tokens, and four Crime Tokens, the suit is effectively a suped-up version of the Advanced Suit. Heading back to an era of campy cartoons and bad puns, it is unsurprising that the Vintage Comic Book Suit's unique power is "quips." Hanging goons off a roof and sticking them to walls with Spider-Man's web-shooters, expect to hear plenty of lines like "stick around" or "hang in there."

The Vintage Comic Book Suit may not be as powerful or useful as something like the Last Stand Suit with its "Unrelenting Fury" attack or the Velocity Suit with the "Blitz" ability, but just like the Undies and Spider-Punk Suit, it adds a bit more fun to the open-world adventure. Whether playing tactically or picking a suit purely on aesthetics, Spider-Man unveils more and more classic costumes as the game progresses. Ultimately, the choice of what to wear today is left to the player.

With Spider-Man selling so well and neatly setting up a possible sequel, players should look to the future and imagine a game where the Future Foundation, Superior Spider-Man, and Tron Suit all make an appearance. In the meantime, get to grips with the Vintage Comic Book Suit and sing Aerosmith's '90s theme tune to Spider-Man: The Animated Series while taking down Spider-Man's very own Sinister Six.

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Source: Kotaku

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