Every Marvel Villain Confirmed For Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac's Spider-Man game is due out on September 7, and plot details are still being kept tightly under wraps. It's known that players will take on the role of Peter Parker, both in and out of his legendary outfit (of which there will be a great many variants), and certain parts of the game will even put players in the shoes of Mary Jane Watson, possibly the most iconic redhead in comic book history. Miles Morales will also have a role in the PlayStation 4 exclusive title, but it's unknown if he'll be playable or have superpowers.

Despite the secretive nature of the game, Insomniac has shined a particular spotlight on the bad guys who'll be taking on the friendly-neighborhood wall crawler. There will be a metric ton of villains for Spider-Man to face - and that's just Kingpin! All told, there are 11 big-name Spider-Man baddies confirmed for the game (so far).

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Some of these foes are as iconic as New York City's most famous web-slinger, but some of them are relatively more obscure. While hype for the long-awaited superhero game from the studio behind Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank is at its zenith, let's take a look at Every Marvel Villain Confirmed For Spider-Man.

11. Kingpin


The first villain revealed for the game was the Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk. A supposed "legitimate businessman," Fisk is easily recognizable due to his massive height and weight. He may be a little on the husky side, but make no mistake – he's a deadly opponent in hand-to-hand combat. The character first appeared in a 1967 issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, and is considered to be the arch-nemesis of all of New York City's street-level heroes.

In the game, the first E3 demo revealed he's already been captured by Spidey, but that doesn't mean he's not still dangerous. On the big screen, he appeared in the ill-fated Daredevil film, played by Michael Clarke Duncan, and is currently set to reappear in Daredevil season 3 on Netflix, played by Vincent D'Onofrio.

10. Mister Negative

Mister Negative made his debut in the same E3 demo which introduced Kingpin. It was initially believed that Mister Negative, aka Martin Li, was going to be the main villain of the game, but it's now looking like the title will feature an ensemble of foes, possibly resulting in the iconic supervillain team the Sinister Six.

The character is a relatively recent addition to Spidey's pantheon of rogues, having debuted in the controversial 2008 storyline, "Brand New Day." He possesses a split personality; Martin Li is a good man, dedicated to helping the poor with his F.E.A.S.T. initiative, though the super villain Mister Negative can charge weapons with electrical energy and aims to usurp Kingpin as the big boss of New York's criminal underworld.

While Li has never made a proper appearance in a Spider-Man game (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 DLC notwithstanding), he was hinted at or briefly mentioned in both of Beenox's Amazing Spider-Man titles, tie-ins to the ill-fated and ironically-titled "Amazing" reboot film series.

9. Scorpion

Spider-Man and Scorpion PS4

Scorpion is one of Spidey's oldest adversaries, having made his debut in 1964's Amazing Spider-Man #19, though he didn't technically become a feared super villain until issue #20, which was released in January 1965. In the realm of cinema, the character finally made his first appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Although he didn't wear his armored exo-suit, he did get punched in the face by a car on the Staten Island Ferry (which doesn't allow cars in real life, by the way!). His re-appearance in that film's post-credits sequence hinted towards the possibility of him becoming a greater threat in a prospective sequel.

In the video game space, Scorpion appeared as the first boss in Neversoft's genre-defining super hero game, simply titled, Spider-Man. He also appeared in the movie tie-in to Spider-Man, Spider-Man 3, and The Amazing Spider-Man, despite not appearing in any of those movies. In the new game, Scorpion appears in the Raft prison break-out, though his role beyond that is a mystery.

8. Rhino

Rhino fighting Spider-Man

One of Spider-Man's most physically intimidating villains, Rhino made his cinematic debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, inexplicably played by the decidedly non-physically intimidating Paul Giamatti, sporting an over-the-top Russian accent and tacky tracksuit.

The character dates back to Amazing Spider-Man #41, released in 1966. While he's more than a physical match for Spidey, he's definitely a match for the plucky teenager's quick thinking and problem-solving skills. Physically, he's certainly not on the level of someone as powerful as The Hulk, as shown in 1968's Hulk vol. 2 #104, in which Rhino is beaten so badly he's knocked into a coma.

In the game, Rhino is one of the prisoners on The Raft, and he's bigger and more musclebound than ever. His armored suit makes him look like a tricked-out version of Bane from the Batman Arkham games, and that can't be a bad thing.

7. Vulture

Spider-Man and The Vulture

One of Spidey's very first villains, Vulture made his comics debut in 1963's Amazing Spider-Man #2, making him Spider-Man's first super villain enemy. Armed with a technologically advanced harness which grants him the ability to fly like a bird, he's nonetheless defeated in his first appearance.

The legend goes that Vulture was to be the main antagonist of Sam Raimi's prospective Spider-Man 4. Alas, it was not to be, though the version played by Michael Keaton in Spider-Man: Homecoming has been lauded as one of the MCU's greatest and most relatable villains.

Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture, didn't appear in Spider-Man 4, but he did show up in the 2002 video game tie-in to the first Spider-Man movie, as well as Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, as the "Noir" version of the character. This Toomes was a psychotic cannibal who murdered and devoured Uncle Ben. So far, the PS4 version of Vulture only appeared during the E3 2018 Raft demo, and is presumably not a cannibal, thank goodness.

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