Spider-Man PS4 Voice Actor Reveals Another Fan-Favorite Villain

Spider-Man voice actor Chris Jai Alex confirms Doctor Octopus will be the sixth member of the Sinister Six in Insomniac's PS4-exclusive game.

Spider-Man rips off Doctor Octopus' tentacles in Spectacular Spider-Man #75

Iconic supervillain Doctor Octopus has been confirmed to appear in Sony's PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man game. Already boasting an impressive roster of villains including the likes of Electro, Rhino, and Vulture, fan-favorite Otto Octavius is officially joining Spider-Man's rogues' gallery.

Reinventing both Peter Parker and other Spider-Man legends like Miles Morales and Mary Jane Watson, developer Insomniac Games is aiming high with the biggest Spidey game to date. Showcasing some impressive gameplay footage at this year's E3, Spider-Man has already highlighted many of the villains that the web-head will go head-to-head with. If dealing with a breakout of prisoners at The Raft wasn't tough enough, Doctor Octopus will undoubtedly make Peter's job even harder.

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The surprise was spoiled by voice actor Chris Jai Alex who plays Rhino in Spider-Man. Interviewed by Call of Duty uber-fan Drift0r about his role in both Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Spider-Man, Alex let slip that Octavius is joining the party. Although the original video has since been taken down - presumably for its spoilerific content - YouTube user Rick Grimes has shared the eight-second clip online.

Saying "everyone's scaled very differently, Doctor Octopus is really tall, Rhino is big...," Alex dropped the bombshell that Doctor Octopus will play a part in the game. Similar to Rocksteady's Arkham series, Insomniac is going for a darker approach to Spidey's notorious foes. Players have already been privy to some of Spider-Man's reimagined villains and it sounds like a new version of Octavius will be heading into battle with his mechanical tentacles.

Fans know that the game will force players to take on the Sinister Six, but up until now, the sixth member of the team was a mystery. The news of Doctor Octopus' arrival could also clear up the big mystery of who Spider-Man is talking to at the end of E3's footage. It was already speculated that Octavius was the mystery guest, but Alex's words seem to confirm the speculation. Of course, Octavius is no stranger to the world of Spider-Man games and was voiced by Alfred Molina for the official tie-in to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2.

If Doc Ock is the surprise guest at the end of the video, then it implies that he is behind the crime wave and the one who has orchestrated the Sinister Six's formation. Given that the character founded the team in the comics and has been a prominent member of the Sinister Six ever since, it makes sense that he be part of Spider-Man's lineup. Whether Octavius turns out to be the puppet master and lead villain of the game or just a secondary character remains to be seen, but rest assured that eight-legged evildoer will be a major threat to Peter Parker when Spider-Man swings onto the PlayStation 4 in September.

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Source: YouTube/Rick Grimes

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