Spider-Man PS4 Reveals First Look at Velocity Suit at Comic-Con

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Spider-Man for the PS4 is giving its players multiple Spider-Man suits, and fans have now been given a look at the game's Velocity Suit. The reveal was made during the Marvel Games panel at Comic-Con 2018, where fans of Spidey were hoping to get some exciting new details about the long-awaited PlayStation exclusive from developer Insomniac Games.

When it comes to Spider-Man's suits in the game, already potential players have been given a decent overview of what was in store. Spider-Man for PS4 will give gamers the possibility of playing the game with the classic Spider-Man suit, in spite of the fact that overall the title has been touted as showcasing not only a new version of Peter Parker, but also an entirely new Spider-Man story as confirmed by the game's director.

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Something else that will give Spider-Man fans something new to look forward to is the Velocity Suit itself. The suit was revealed in all its glory through a large poster alongside a pair of other suits, the Spider-Punk Suit and the Iron Spider Suit. The Velocity Suit itself can be seen below, and it certainly looks ready to send our hero whizzing about at good speed.

The Velocity Suit was designed by the acclaimed costume designer Adi Granov, and it's certainly striking with its metallic panelling and Tron-esque tint. As expected, the suit will allow Spider-Man to power up and get around Manhattan that much quicker, which is bound to come in handy given some of the sticky situations it looks like our hero is going to get into.

This wasn't the only new reveal to come out of Comic-Con with regards to Spider-Man PS4, though. Sony also confirmed the release of a limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle, which includes a Spider-Man themed console alongside the game itself. Meanwhile, the title was also subject to a new story trailer, so fans of the web-slinger have been able to get plenty of new information about the game at the convention.

There's still a little bit of time to go before the game releases, with Spider-Man set to launch on September 7. However, so far the game is shaping up to be something truly special, particularly if it manages to pull some other classic Spider-Man villains out of the bag. If the game lives up to what fans want, it could be another extremely strong game to add to the PS4's roster.

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Source: Insomniac Games

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