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Warning: This article contains minor SPOILERS for Marvel's Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game includes a Stan Lee cameo, and it's a rather perfect inclusion for the beloved comic book creator. A few years ago, Marvel Entertainment launched a Marvel Games division to make video games based on their most iconic characters in the same vein that Marvel Studios has done with the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. While there are no current plans to launch a similarly-themed Marvel Games Universe, it seems they are already laying the foundation for it.

All sorts of notable Marvel locations exist in Insomnaic's Spider-Man game, which released this week exclusively for the PlayStation 4, such as the Avengers Tower, Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, Daredevil's Fogwell's Gym, and even an embassy for Black Panther's Wakanda. But dropping little Easter eggs and references to other characters, comics, games, and movies throughout the title isn't the only thing Marvel's Spider-Man does similarly to the MCU. It also has a unique cameo that fans will surely appreciate. But for those who don't have the game (or a PS4), here's a little something they're missing out on.

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In a cutscene at the end of the mission Don't Touch The Art, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson meet up at the restaurant Mick's. (It's apparently a spot they used to go to all the time when they were in a relationship.) While they're talking, several police cars drive by, which means it was time for Peter to change into his Spidey costume. So, after he leaves, MJ gets up to walk out when the camera cuts to the short order cook - Stan Lee - saying, "Love seeing you two together again. You always were my favorites." And, yes, Stan Lee does provide the voice for character himself.

Stan Lee is without a doubt one of the most notable comic book creators in the history of the medium. He had a hand in shaping the Marvel Universe during its formative years, including saving it from the brink of collapse multiple times by creating characters such as Thor, Daredevil, Iron Man, and even the Fantastic Four - the comic publisher's first superhero team. But the one character that Lee perhaps holds most dear is Spider-Man, who eventually became the brand's flagship superhero, and the character's popularity hasn't waned one bit in the decades since his inception.

So, it's only natural that Lee wanted to cameo in Insomniac's Spider-Man game just like he had in all the Spider-Man movies in recent years. What's more, considering Spidey's history at Marvel Comics, it's possible that his character's comment in the game - that Peter and MJ always were always his favorites - is really a meta-statement from the man himself.

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