Spider-Man PS4 Comic-Con Story Trailer Reveals Silver Sable

A story trailer for the Spider-Man PS4 game debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, highlighting Norman Osborn and introducing Silver Sable - a key character from the comics and one of the two protagonists of the upcoming film Silver & Black.

Developed by Insomniac Games, the PlayStation 4 exclusive is set to be the biggest Spider-Man game to date. Taking place in an open world setting, players will take part in an original Marvel story involving Peter Parker battling redesigned versions of some of his most iconic foes, including the Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, and the Shocker. The game connects to a larger Marvel universe as it contains references to Doctor Strange, Black Panther, the Avengers, and more. And now, it looks like yet another villain will be joining the fold.

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Revealed at SDCC 2018, a new story trailer for Spider-Man gives fans a deeper look at what's in store for Peter Parker and his friends, Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales. Viewers get to see more of Spider-Man's battles with Vulture, Rhino, Mr. Negative, and others. The trailer shines the spotlight on Norman Osborn and introduces Silver Sable, who has been sent by Osborn to capture Spider-Man. The character's design is mostly comic book accurate, with some slight changes. From the looks of things, Silver Sable will serve as one of the game's many bosses. Since she isn't necessarily a villain, it's possible that she'll eventually switch sides, which seems highly likely based on her comic book counterpart's history with Spider-Man.

Silver Sable Marvel Comics

In the comics, Silver Sable is the leader of a group of mercenaries called the Wild Pack. She has been known to carry her own comic book title, but is generally associated with Spider-Man. Alongside Black Cat, Silver Sable is expected to be featured in Sony's Silver & Black movie. The character is typically portrayed as a femme fatale whose methods often bring her into conflict with other superheroes. Though she's had her share of clashes with Spider-Man, the two have also teamed up on more than occasion.

One of the biggest takeaways from the footage is that Norman Osborn appears to be the main villain of the game, though this has yet to be confirmed.  In the trailer, we learn that Osborn has a vendetta against Spider-Man, causing him to declare the wall-crawler an "enemy of the people". It's worth noting that Osborn's alter ego, the Green Goblin, is nowhere to be seen. This could either mean that Osborn will remain a behind-the-scenes villain along the lines of Lex Luthor, or we'll see him suit up as the Goblin at a later point.

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Spider-Man launches September 7, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

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