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Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 was enormously successful, so what does that mean for Marvel's Spider-Man 2? In Marvel's Spider-Man, players took on the role of Peter Parker and got to climb, swing, and run around New York City in a way that no other video game had allowed them to do before. The game was an immediate hit with fans and sold over 9 million copies as of January 2019.

Although Insomniac has not officially announced a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man, its success suggests that it's a no-brainer. The last DLC arrived in December 2018, meaning that it's now time for Insomniac to look forward to potentially making a Spider-Man PS4 sequel. But what would it look like? This game teased some classic Spider-Man villains, as well as offered some clues as to what a sequel could bring to the table.

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Insomniac has a lot more cards up their sleeves and players should get to see some of what those cards hold when the sequel gets an official announcement. Granted, much of this is still speculation, but it's a guarantee that it's a question of when and not if on Insomniac making an official announcement about Marvel's Spider-Man 2 soon.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Feature The Green Goblin

At the end of Marvel's Spider-Man, Norman Osborn resigns as mayor and it's evident that he's very close to embracing the villain that lies within, Green Goblin. Mary Jane is the first to discover a prototype mask that hints the arrival of the villain, along with prototypes of Green Goblin's signature purple grenades. The tech is already there, so by the time a sequel to the game arrives, Osborn will likely have become the Green Goblin and be one of the main villains in the new game that Spidey will have to face.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Turn Harry Into A Venom-like Creature

Spider-Man ps4 Harry Osborn

Another interesting thing to happen at the end of the Spider-Man game is that Norman is doing everything he can to save his son, Harry, who suffers from the same illness that killed his mother. A scene shows Harry suspended in a tank full of green, suggesting that Norman is using a version of the Green Goblin serum to keep his son alive. But there is also black goo around, implying that Norman is also experimenting with a Venom-like symbiote. Is Normal also using the symbiote to help save his son? Will Harry become something like Venom?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Could Feature Other Villains

One thing that the original title did well was setting up the appearances of other villains from the Spider-Man comics for an appearance in a sequel. One of those is Mysterio, whose existence within the game universe gets teased via a shard of his helmet and a book written by Dr. Ludwig Rineheart, Mysterio's alias. On the other hand, there's a vial of sand in a backpack on top of the Avengers Tower, suggesting that Sandman is out there somewhere, too. Peter's college thesis was graded by Dr. Miles Warren, aka the Jackal.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Have Two Spider-Men

Miles Morales in Spider-Man PS4

Players also got introduced to Miles Morales at the end of the original game. He eventually tells Peter Parker that a radioactive spider bit him, giving him the powers of Spider-Man. Parker then admits to Miles that he is also Spider-Man. The DLC also features more conversations between Peter and Miles, with Miles finally getting a shot at putting on a mask and leaping off a building. It's highly likely that the next title will feature both Miles and Peter as Spider-Man. Perhaps players will get to choose which version of Spider-Man they want to play, or even better, get a chance to switch between the two during gameplay.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will Help Set Up The Marvel Game Universe

Marvel likes its properties to have a very cohesive vision. That's why the first Iron-Man film launched the beginning of what eventually became the Marvel Cinematic Universe: every TV show and movie has a connection somehow within the MCU. Just like the cinematic universe, Marvel wishes to set up a video game universe, with every game finding continuity with the titles that came before it. This is something Marvel has expressed an interest in, suggesting that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 could introduce other superheroes into that universe for their own future games.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Could Feature The Symbiote Suit

One thing that disappointed fans about Marvel's Spider-Man is that it did not include the infamous symbiote suit. However, game director Brian Intihar teased that it might show up later (as in the sequel). Here's what he said to Kinda Funny Games:

"I think something like that suit (symbiote suit) deserves its day in the spotlight," said Intihar. "I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn't be doing it justice. It's one of the best stories for Spider-Man. I think it's a complex story. And I think it's a story that needs to be told, and it needs to be told the way Insomniac would tell it."

That story could very well get told in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. And there's probably nothing that would please fans more.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Would Release On PS5

It's no secret that the current generation of console gaming is coming to the end of its life cycle. The PS4, in particular, has been around for nearly six years. Speculation has already started about the PS5's development and hardware, with industry insiders and analysts expecting it to arrive as early as 2020. As far as anyone knows, Insomniac has not started production on the next Spider-Man game yet, meaning that it will probably be at least a few years before it's ready. That means that new consoles will already likely be on the market by the time a new title is ready. This means that the next Marvel's Spider-Man game will appear on the PS5.

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