What To Expect From A Spider-Man PS4 Sequel

Warning: spoilers for Insomniac's Spider-Man ahead

As Insomniac's Spider-Man wraps its open-world adventure and Peter Parker hangs up his wardrobe of eclectic suits (for now), fans are rightly looking at what comes next for the world of Marvel Games. Aside from Square Enix's ambitious Avengers game and rumors that Eidos Montreal is planning a Guardians of the Galaxy title, many expect Spider-Man to be the start of an ongoing franchise for Insomniac.

After completing Spider-Man's impressive 20-hour main story, collecting all those backpacks, and sticking around for the post-credits scenes, there are plenty of opportunities for where Peter Parker can go next. While players wait for "The City That Never Sleeps" DLCs, here's what sticky situations Web-Head and co. could find themselves in for a Spider-Man sequel.

Miles Morales Is The New Spider-Man

Spider-Man PS4 Miles Morales post-credits

One of the earliest selling points of Spider-Man was the big reveal that Miles Morales would have a part to play. While gamers didn't get to suit up as Morales for his own missions, one of the game's post-credits sequences teased a much bigger role for Kid Arachnid in the future.

After losing his father in typically tragic circumstances and being bitten by a radioactive spider while working at F.E.A.S.T., Spider-Man spent just enough time with Miles to give him a larger role in the sequel. The game's final scenes proved that Insomniac has plans for where to take the character next.

Although it's unlikely that the game would tackle the dark "Death of Spider-Man" arc so early in a potential franchise, the pieces are there for Miles to put on the superhero spandex next. With Parker and Morales showing off their powers to each other, it means players could pick between playing as either of the vigilante heroes in Spider-Man 2.

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The Green Goblin(s)

Spider-Man PS4 Norman Osborn post-credits

Norman Osborn has a rough ride in Spider-Man as anyone and everyone turned on the Mayor. Although Osborn wasn't as innocent as he made out, let's also remember he was trying to save his son from the same devastating disease that took his wife. With Spider-Man occupied with the Sinister Six, it thankfully meant developers didn't waste a villain as big as Green Goblin as just another cog in the machine.

Offering up any number of fan-favorite storylines, the Green Goblin should definitely appear in some form for Spider-Man 2. While that's a given, the question remains whether it should be Harry or Norman? Both men have adopted the Green Goblin moniker over the years, but the fact that Spider-Man showed Norman's prototype helmet and weaponry has neatly teased the character's origin with either man behind the mask.

Who knows, maybe Norman could start Spider-Man 2 gliding around the city, only to be offed in a dramatic twist and replaced by his vengeful son? It worked for Sam Raimi.

Harry Osborn the Symbiote?

Spider-Man PS4 Harry Osborn post-credits

Insomniac made a conscious effort to keep Venom out of Spider-Man, meaning that, apart from a leaving card signed by Eddie Brock, the malicious monster was nowhere to be found in New York City. It makes sense that developers wanted to save a character/arc as big as Venom for a possible sequel, but that doesn't mean a symbiote story wasn't hiding in plain sight.

Sticking with the jaw-dropping post-credits sequence, the other big option is that Harry Osborn takes on the mantle of Venom. The end of the game had Harry in his bacta tank and covered in a network of black webbing. Although the fluid could be part of Green Goblin's OZ formula, note that the webbing twitched and reacted to Norman's voice. Anyone up on their symbiote law will know that the outer space symbiote goo acts in a similar way.

Casting Brock's Venom transformation aside and having Harry suit up with a symbiote isn't that out of the ordinary. Fans may remember that the animated Ultimate Spider-Man series included Harry as the first incarnation of Venom. Having Green Goblin and Venom in a sequel may seem like a lot to pack in, but seeing father and son fight against Spidey as a pair of supervillains would be a showdown that makes the Sinister Six look like Spider-Man: Homecoming's thugs in Avengers masks.

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