Spider-Man PS4 Has a Subtle Reference to Sam Raimi's Trilogy

The new Spider-Man PS4 game contains a small tribute to the films of director Sam Raimi, who helmed the first three live-action Spider-Man movies. The new video game from Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment is packed full of Easter eggs, surprise cameos and references to Spider-Man's long history, so it's not surprising they'd wish to pay tribute to the movies which started Spider-Man's cinematic legacy. What is surprising is the subtlety they used with this particular Easter egg.

Raimi's second Spider-Man movie pitted Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) against Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) - a scientist who was driven insane after the inhibitor on his experimental safety harness broke, transforming him into the monstrous Doctor Octopus. At one point, to cover his escape, Doc Ock wrecked the controls on an elevated train, forcing Spider-Man to give up his pursuit in order to save the people on-board. This led to a fantastic scene where Spidey had to pass what has been the standard benchmark test for superhero strength since Superman was first described as "more powerful than a locomotive" and stop the runaway train using nothing but his own raw power and a lot of webbing as impromptu drag-lines.

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SavageKingx30 discovered the Easter Egg and posted video of the relevant scene on his Twitter account. The Tweet, which contains adult language, can be viewed in full at the link below.

Click Here For Spider-Man PS4 Easter Egg

The video depicts Spider-Man in a similar situation, though this time he finds himself on a subway train that is careening wildly out of control. "No breaks? No problem," quips Spidey as the player follows the prompts to web-up the sides of the tunnel and starts preparing to mimic Tobey Maguire's velocity-defying feat from Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, while Spider-Man's webbing is nearly indestructible, the same can't be said of the bricks he used as an anchoring point. The stones give way with the train seemingly not having slowed down at all, as Spider-Man protests "That totally worked last time!"

It's a brilliant defiance of the player's expectations based on what they've seen in the movies and leads to the player having to find some other means of stopping the train. This moment showcases both the brilliance of the creative team at Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment and how well Spider-Man PS4 pays tribute to the hero's greatest moments in other movies and games. We won't spoil just how Spider-Man finally saves the day in this instance, though you know that he will.

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Source:  SavageKingx30

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