Spider-Man PS4 Game Release Date Is A Long Time Away

Spider-Man webswinging in Spider-Man PS4

Fans of Spider-Man have plenty of reasons to be excited. At long last, the Web Head is now a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Tom Holland making his debut in Captain America: Civil War. As Holland teams up with director Jon Watts and a star-studded ensemble on Spider-Man: Homecoming, there's also an animated Spider-Man project coming in 2018 from the minds of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. This boom of media with Your Friendly Neighborhood goes beyond the big screen; PlayStation 4 owners are going to get in on the fun.

During E3 last month, Sony and Insomniac Games unveiled a trailer for a triple-A Spider-Man game, which is going by Spider-Man PS4 until the official title is announced. The preview showcased classic Spidey action as the wall crawler swung through the streets of New York, stopping crime using his wide array of powers. Though there is some disappointment over the game's status as a PS4 exclusive, many gamers were nonetheless very excited by what they saw. Unfortunately, they're going to have to wait a while to bring Spider-Man home.

A fan on Twitter asked the official Insomniac Games account if Spider-Man PS4 had a release date (after a placeholder was included on an online posting). According to the company, they have no plans to reveal one any time soon:

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