Spider-Man Developers Call Out Puddle Controversy In Latest Update

The latest update for Marvel's Spider-Man addresses the infamous Puddle Gate controversy, where fans accused Insomniac of downgrading graphics.

Insomniac developers called out 2018's puddlegate in the latest update for Marvel's Spider-Man. The video game may have garnered an almost unanimous critical acclaim since its debut, but it has not been without controversy. Aside from the risky inclusion of an Easter egg that was intended to help a fan propose to his girlfriend, Insomniac was forced to contend with the swift spread of #puddlegate online.

The debate began in late August, and centered upon a pair of screen shots, which both presented a Spider-Man who is ready to launch a surprise attack on a group of Wilson Fisk’s thugs in a construction site. The first of these came from the E3 2017 game play trailer, whilst the second originated from the 2018 release version.

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The E3 trailer was shadowed and included a larger spread of puddles on the ground, while the released version was slightly brighter and had some puddles removed. Fans perceived that the newer game play was less detailed, and that Insomniac were trying to release a game with a lower resolution than they had advertised. As such, Insomniac’s Gil Doron poked fun at the whole debacle on his Twitter account:


Included in Doron’s post is a copy of the same contentious still, which now has overly cartoonish puddle stickers in pride of place. In short, it now seems that gamers can add more of these puddles to Marvel’s Spider-Man in the photo mode, if there aren’t as many as they would like.

When the subject was broached on Twitter earlier this year, it prompted a quick and fierce war of words between gamers and developers. The latter group insisted that no downgrading had occurred.  In a series of tweets, Insomniac's Community Manager, James Stevenson, asserted that the lighting had only changed because the game’s time of day had shifted between the two stills. As for the puddles, their size had been altered, but their level of detail had not.

Even now many fans are not convinced by these assurances. However, their doubts – and the puddlegate furore overall – haven’t stopped Marvel’s Spider-Man from becoming the most popular, fastest-selling PS4 game of the year. Despite these dubious quibbles about the level of in-game detail, Marvel’s Spider-Man still delivers the kind of visceral, spectacular experience that having spider-powers would allow. With its affection for Spidey’s comics, shows and films, it’s a dynamic and passionate love letter to the character and his world. Plus with the new DLC entitled The Heist due out very soon, it’s clear that the majority of fans can’t get enough of this interactive iteration of the web-slinger.

The inclusion of these stickers in Marvel’s Spider-Man is highly appropriate, since it is the kind of sass that the wall-crawler himself employs. Hopefully, Doron’s amusing tweet signals that this whole dispute has rightly receded into the past, as we look forward to even more Spidey goodness in the future.

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Source: Gil Doran

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