Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Marvel's Spider-Man game.

Marvel's Spider-Man has two end-credits scenes: a mid-credits scene that appears after the animation concludes and a post-credits scene that comes after all the main credits roll. Both are worth staying around for and checking out, seeing as they tease not only a possible Spider-Man sequel but the future potential of a Marvel Games Universe as well - all of which build off seeds that were planted earlier on in the game.

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man title for the PS4 is the first game to release under the newly-formed Marvel Games division at Marvel Entertainment, which was established only a few years ago to get Marvel Comics-based video games back on track. So, it appears that they are taking the same approach to the interactive medium as their Marvel Studios counterpart does with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part of that inspiration also bleeds over to the post-credits scenes that tend to tease new installments and get more devoted fans excited about the future of the franchise.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Mid-Credits Scene Explained

In the mid-credits scene for Marvel's Spider-Man, Miles Morales is seen helping Peter Parker move into his new apartment. The two had developed a bond throughout the main story, so it's only natural that Miles wants to show Peter his new abilities. Miles tells Peter that he wants to show him something and talk about his changes he's experiencing in his body. While Peter thinks Miles is talking about sex, he's really talking about his new superpowers. That's when Miles jumps up and sticks to the ceiling. It may seem weird to him, but when Peter jumps up and does the same thing, it's not so weird anymore. That's also when Miles finds out Peter is really Spider-Man, even though it's not explicitly mentioned.

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During the main story, Mary Jane Watson had snuck into Norman Osborn's apartment and discovered a secret lab that contained all the information she needed on Devil's Breath. While there, she accidentally broke a case that contained one of the radioactive spiders - presumably the one Osborn used to create the Blood Spider character mentioned in the Hostile Takeover prequel novel. When Silver Sable came to investigate, MJ hid, but while she was hiding, that spider crawled into her jacket. Although she thought he got it off her when she stood up, it remained into her jacket until she got to F.E.A.S.T., where it crawled out of her jacket and into a nearby box. So, when Miles came to pick up said box, the spider bit him and gave him superhuman powers, just like Spider-Man.

What this mid-credits scene teases is a future installment in which Miles Morales can be a playable Spider-Man. Even though he was a playable character in this game, albeit for a short period of time, he didn't have his powers yet. Considering that Sony Pictures has been placing a focus on Miles Morales with their Into the Spider-Verse movie, it makes sense that they would be all-in for a game in which Miles could lead. That could also mean Peter Parker doesn't always have to be the only playable Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Post-Credits Scene Explained

In the post-credits scene for Marvel's Spider-Man game, Norman Osborn visits the secret lab in his apartment and walks up to a water tank with a bright green color being emitted from it. He apologizes to the person inside of the tank for failing to find a cure for his ailment, but he promises that he will continue trying. Specifically, he says, "We were so close. But I'll keep trying. I will find a cure. I will. I love you, son." It's revealed that the person in the water tank is Harry Osborn, who had been conspicuously missing from the base game, even though an entire subplot for the story revolved around his mysterious big trip to Europe.

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Earlier on in the story, when MJ sneaks into Norman Osborn's apartment, she finds a key and manages to get into Harry's room. That's when she sees the hospital bed and a diary on a nearby stand. In the journal, Harry wrote a letter to Peter and Mary Jane, telling them that he's been sick for quite some time and that his trip to Europe was all a ruse. Instead, he was going to undergo treatment for his disease. Although he was unsure of the procedure, Norman had promised him that Devil's Breath would cure him. Since Oscorp took control of the Devil's Breath at the end of the game, it's possible that he will refine it into what will eventually become the Goblin Formula. With the obvious green color scheme for the tank, Norman leading the effort to save his son, and the potential Green Goblin prototype mask lying around in his apartment, it's certainly possible that Harry Osborn could become the Green Goblin in a Spider-Man PS4 sequel. (Or, based on the all of the black stuff in the tank... it's possible that Harry could become Venom.)

While neither end-credits scene teased Square Enix's Avengers game from Crystal Northwest or the Guardians of the Galaxy game rumored to be in development at Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, they both lay the foundation for a Spider-Man PS4 sequel, by also bringing even more iconic characters into the fold, such as a new Spider-Man and Green Goblin. Whether or not fans eventually get to see a Spider-Man 2 remains to be seen, but if it does happen, then at least gamers know what to expect.

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