Spider-Man PS4 Player Glitches His Way to Max 999 Combo

A gamer has reached a 999 combo in Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 by glitching the game. The newest title from Insomniac Games was released at the beginning of September, and people are already reaching impressive scores, finding secret Spider-Man related areas, and noticing other Spider-Man cameos within the game.

The character of Spider-Man has been around for a long time. He was created in 1962, but since then has gotten a ton of comic books, TV shows, movies, and of course, video games. The first Spider-Man game was actually released 20 years after the character's creation by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and revolved around Spider-Man scaling the side of a building in order to diffuse bombs that the Green Goblin had planted along his path. Early Spider-Man games were rather simple, and have obviously evolved over time as new technology has become available. In the new Spider-Man, gamers can not only scale buildings, but can also swing across New York, fight bad guys, and find collectibles hidden around the city.

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A Reddit user named HollowFright has managed to reach the highest combo or "streak" total the game currently offers. As the gamer explains, he was only able to reach this high of a streak because of a glitch. The glitch caused one of his enemies to get stuck in a wall prior to a chase sequence starting. This meant that the player was able to attack the enemy in the frozen car without killing him, resulting in the max 999 combo total. Part of the game's elaborate combat gameplay allows players to rack up a high combo count, which earns Spider-Man focus. Focus can then be used to perform finishing moves, or to heal the character.

While players might have already begun to break records in the video game, Spider-Man itself is smashing records of its own. Spider-Man is already PlayStation's fastest-selling game ever, beating out popular titles like God of War and the Uncharted series. Reviews for Spider-Man have praised both the original story as well as the in-game graphics. Fighting methods are something that have been explored in other Spider-Man games, but have never been this elaborate. The game allows players to gradually unlock different Spidey suits, most of which come with a unique suit power. Players can also unlock a total of 23 different suit mods, three of which can be equipped to the hero at a time.

While the suit itself is a powerful weapon to take out bad guys, there are also eight different gadgets that can be unlocked as players progress through the game. Much like Spider-Man's suit, these gadgets can also be upgraded in order to help gamers unlock higher combos and ultimately become a better fighter. The more advanced gamers make the hero, the quicker they'll be able to unlock high combo counts like the above. Despite the use of a glitch, a 999 streak total in Spider-Man is definitely impressive.

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Source: HollowFright/Reddit

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