Spider-Man Was Super Buff in Early PS4 Suit Designs

Spidey's new look in Marvel's Spider-Man game has been generally accepted by fans, but early designs of the character showed a much more muscular superhero. The new game, released exclusively on PlayStation 4, allows gamers to play as Peter Parker and Spider-Man as he battles an array of classic Spidey villains.

Reviews for Marvel's Spider-Man have been mostly positive with people praising the original Spidey story as well as the game's incredible graphics. Along with playing through the main campaign mode of the game, there are also tons of side missions and objectives that gamers can complete in order to unlock different upgrades and powers for Spider-Man. There are also several different Spider-Man suits that players can unlock as the game progresses. That being said, none of these suits seem to drastically alter Spider-Man's physical body, unlike this unused concept art.

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With Titan Books' recent release of Marvel's Spider-Man: The Art of the Game, fans have gotten a glimpse of what Spider-Man almost looked like in the title. As the concept art below reveals, early designs for Spider-Man shows him as a much bulkier hero. It's also worth mentioning that the costume itself looks relatively similar to the finished version, except for the spider symbol being black and the fact that Spider-Man is incredibly buff.

Released on September 11, this hardcover book by Paul Davies showcases several concept artworks and designs for Spider-Man, his allies, and his enemies. Along with the plethora of stunning artwork, the book also has many descriptions and insights from the video game's developers, artists, and designers who worked on the project. Spider-Man was a highly anticipated title-so much so that it got it's own Spider-Man Limited Edition Playstation - and this book allows video game and Spider-Man fans to get an even closer look at the game everybody has been talking about.

There have been many versions of Spider-Man over the years and each artist has drawn the web-slinger in a different way. Spider-Man has always been athletic but not very many versions of the character show him as someone with this much mass. While depicting Spider-Man in this way wouldn't have necessarily ruined the gaming experience, it wouldn't have made Peter Parker's villains seem as powerful since Spider-Man would have been the same size as some of his enemies. Regardless of what game developers had originally intended, the version of Spider-Man that showed up in the finished product still allows fans to live out their dreams of swinging through New York while battling Spidey's greatest enemies.

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Source: Marvel's Spider-Man: The Art of the Game

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