Awesome Mary Jane Design Artwork Revealed in Spider-Man: Art of the Game Book

Mary Jane Watson in Marvel's Spider-Man

New design artwork for Mary Jane Watson in Marvel's Spider-Man has been released showing a very different looking character. Mary Jane first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #25 in 1965 and has since often been used as one of the lead characters in movies, books, and video games.

While the character initially was used as a joke in the Spider-Man comic-books, she quickly became a love interest for Peter Parker and has been used that way ever since. Spider-Man has had a number of girlfriends over the years - Black Cat, Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant - but Mary Jane is typically referred to as Parker's one true love. In the movies, Kirsten Dunst portrayed the character for three films and Shailene Woodley played the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2; however, her Mary Jane only appeared in deleted scenes. For the new video game, voice actress Laura Bailey who has previously voiced characters for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Halo 5: Guardians, plays Mary Jane. With Mary Jane's popularity, it wasn't a surprise that she had a big role in the video game. But she almost looked very different. 

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As revealed in Marvel's Spider-Man: Art of the Game, Mary Jane almost had several different features as shown in this artwork. In this design, she has much brighter and curlier hair as well as clearly visible freckles. It's also worth pointing out that her eyes are more angular in this design and her face comes to a sharper point making it look somewhat slimmer.

Mary Jane Watson Concept Art For Marvel's Spider-Man

Along with this design artwork, concept art for Spider-Man's original look for the game was also released. That being said, these are just two examples of the mass amount of artwork that is included in Titan Books' Marvel's Spider-Man: Art of the Game. It's chock-full of unique artwork that gives an inside look at the different heroes and villains of the popular video game. Along with the artwork, the book also provides notes from the game developers, artists, and designers.

Fans of Mary Jane are likely thrilled not just because she is included in this new game but because she is a playable character for several missions. As the book is packed with stunning artwork, the game itself is filled with tasks for gamers to accomplish as the famous web-slinger. Players can unlock different Spidey suits, discover a plethora of Spider-Man related easter eggs, and even play as Miles Morales. It has been out for almost two weeks now, but there is likely plenty of content that gamers have yet to explore.

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Source: Marvel's Spider-Man: Art of the Game

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