Spider-Man PS4 Details: Mary Jane, No Microtransactions, Many Costumes

An interview with Brian Intihar - Creative Director on the Spider-Man PS4 video game - has revealed a treasure trove of details about the project. Based on Marvel Comics' flagship superhero, Spider-Man PS4 is one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2018.

Details on the upcoming game have been limited beyond the release of a trailer at E3 2017. All fans have known, apart from that the game was being planned to enable them to "do whatever a spider can", was that it would focus on the Peter Parker version of Spider-Man and be set in its own reality apart from the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was also confirmed that Miles Morales would have a role in the game as well.

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Intihar's interview with Game Informer can be viewed in its entirety on their website. While many of his answers merely confirm things that were already apparent from the first Spider-Man PS4 trailer (such as whether or not the game will include stealth missions), several new pieces of information were confirmed. Chief among these are that the game will have a crafting system and eventual post-release content, but it will not have any microtransactions whatsoever. It was also revealed that Mary Jane Watson - Peter Parker's long-time love-interest - will have a role and "will surprise a lot of people in this game." In fact, Mary Jane will be a playable character!

Spider-Man PS4

Intihar's answers have offered some new insight as to what sort of game Spider-Fans can expect to see. While the game has been confirmed to have an open world sandbox, akin to 2004's Spider-Man 2 (widely considered to be one of the best Spider-Man video games of all time), Intihar laughed at suggestion that his game would have Spider-Man racing to various rooftops to recover children's' lost balloons - something that often occurred along with car-jackings, robberies and other random events as Spider-Man patrolled New York City in the 2004 game.

"One of the questions I get most asked about," said Inithar. "The answer is no.... there is a time and a place."

Spider-Man Ps4 Alternative Spider-Man Costume

When asked about the game having alternate Spider-Man suits, Intihar said that it will have "too many." The video briefly showed a screen-shot of what appeared to be Spider-Man from the alternate reality of Spider-Man Noir along with a punk-rock Spidey. Reference was also made to a Spider-Man costume that had some manner of guitar-based area-of-effect attack. This suggests a mechanic similar to the Spider-Man game for the original PS1, which featured unlockable costumes with different power sets. Perhaps not coincidentally, Inithar said that was his favorite Spider-Man game of all time.

Technically, the game should look spectacular on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Inithar confirmed they had a locked in frame-rate of 30 fps for both versions of the game. However, the PS4 Pro version of the game will "look a little better" owing to the superior hardware.

Inthiar's answers point to the upcoming game doing its best to utilize the best elements of previous Spider-Man games while taking advantage of more recent technology. All in all, Spider-Man PS4 seems to be shaping up to be everything fans have been hoping for and more. It will be a long wait until September 7, 2018, when the game is scheduled for release.

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Source: Game Informer

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