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Easily the richest source of Easter eggs in Spider-Man are the 55 backpacks that Peter left webbed up around the city when he was in high school. If you're wondering where he got so many backpacks, well, one of the backpacks has an answer! When he was in high school, Peter won the Wilson Fisk Science Prize and was rewarded with a lifetime supply of backpacks. The backpacks are basically all Easter eggs of some description, so we won't list the contents of all 55. However, here are some of the noteworthy highlights (and things you may have missed):

  • Mysterio Comic Book - One backpack contains two Spider-Man comics drawn by kids, one of which shows Spidey going up against the Menace of Mysterio. Peter says that he wishes he knew who drew them, but the comics actually have names on them: Kaleo Robello, and Bodhi Robello. These are presumably the children of Insomniac Games Senior Animator Boola Robello.
  • Aunt May's Wheatcakes Recipe - This recipe was included in the 1996 Untold Tales of Spider-Man annual, and has been reproduced in the game, in case you want to try your hand at making Peter's favorite food.
  • Matt Murdock Business Card - Peter recalls that a blind guy gave him his business card in case Spider-Man ever needed legal help, then questions how the man knew he was Spider-Man if he couldn't see.
  • Bedford Towers Lease Application - After Mary Jane had a terrifying encounter with Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300, she and Peter moved to a fancy new condo in the coveted Bedford Towers.
  • Good Luck Card From The Bugle - This card was signed by several familiar names (including J. Jonah Jameson), but perhaps the most interesting signature is from one Eddie Brock, who tells Peter it was "Great working with you!"
  • Peter's Thesis - In one backpack, Peter is excited to discover his thesis, for which he received an A. Look closely at the cover, and you'll notice that it was marked by one Professor Warren - also known by his supervillain moniker, Jackal.
  • Balloon Kid Thank You Drawing - The 2004 Spider-Man 2 tie-in game gets a couple of notable nods. Balloon Kid's plaintive cry of "Oh no, my balloon!" was one of the more memorable moments of that game (it's hard to forget, given that the same kid repeatedly loses the same balloon), but at least Balloon Kid drew Spidey a nice thank-you drawing.
  • Crusher Hogan Flyer - After discovering this flyer, Peter reminisces about trying out his new super-strength and agility against wrestler Crusher Hogan (in Amazing Fantasy #15).
  • Work/Life Balance For Idiots by Dr. Ludwig Rinehart - Peter may not have ever gotten around to reading this book, but he knows the author by a different name. Dr. Ludwig Rinehart was one of the aliases used by Mysterio.

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Another fun source of Easter eggs is the in-game social media feed, in which the world reacts to the latest crazy events. At one point, people can be seen using the hashtag #EverybodyDOESGetOne - a reference to Spider-Man's appearance on Family Guy, when he saved Cleveland from falling off a mountain and explained, "Everybody gets one." There are also several tweets from a user called JJinSpace, who comments, "Love that I still get to hear my dad's show from the space station." JJinSpace is J. Jonah Jameson's son, John Jameson, an astronaut.

To find some Easter eggs, you have to look really close. Reddit user Wizashama discovered a certificate on Norman Osborn's wall that was awarded by the Pym Foundation and signed by Henry Pym a.k.a. the original Ant-Man. In a related Easter egg, Peter at one point laments not having been bitten by a radioactive wasp instead of a spider - but then remembers that the "Wasp" moniker is already taken.

Be sure to take a look around Peter's apartment as well. You'll find a sticky note that Peter left, reminding himself to "Call T.S." (which can only be Tony Stark), and he also has a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic in which Spider-Man made his debut.

Other Easter Eggs

Spider-Man PS4 Train Easter Egg

As you can see, the Easter eggs come thick and fast in Spider-Man - but perhaps the most popular one is a reference to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2. During a fight with Mister Negative on a moving subway train, the controls are smashed and the train is about to go careening into the car at the next station. Spider-Man throws out webbing and braces himself against the front of the train, just as he did in Spider-Man 2... but the webbing snaps immediately. "That totally worked last time!" Spidey complains.

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Those who played through the tricky pizza delivery minigame in the Spider-Man 2 tie-in video game can relive those terrible memories in Spider-Man. If you stand close to a pizza restaurant you can hear the Pizza Delivery theme from the 2004 game. Also, one of the backpacks contains a Pizza Amigos hat, and Peter recalls that his pizzas were delivered "fast... and smashed."

Going back to the backpacks, at one point Peter finds a pair of electrician's gloves and reminisces about using them in his first fight with Electro. Indeed, when Electro made his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #9, Peter used rubber gloves and rubber soles to punch the villain without getting shocked.

Moving a little further ahead in the comics, the very first mission of the game features a nod to Amazing Spider-Man #33. That comic famously opened with an agonizing sequence in which Spider-Man has to free himself after being trapped under tons of steel by lifting it on his shoulders. Spider-Man: Homecoming recreated this moment, and Spider-Man does as well - though this time with Spider-Man lifting rubble to save civilians trapped underneath.

And finally, we come to an Easter egg that probably won't be in the game much longer, since the developers have offered to patch it out. One Spider-Man mega-fan requested that the game include a sign saying "Maddie, will you marry me?" - intending to use it to propose to his then-girlfriend. Unfortunately, the couple broke up several weeks before the game came out, so the marriage proposal was never used.


Have you spotted any Easter eggs that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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