Spider-Man PS4 Map Confirms Major Avengers Connection

Insomniac Games' upcoming Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4 is bringing two worlds together as it confirms the Avengers exist in this reality of New York City. Whether or not Thor will get to swing his hammer or Bruce Banner will appear as a mean, green, fighting machine, Spider-Senses are tingling about what could be on the horizon.

Adding to an already impressive roster of characters like Kingpin, Miles Morales, and Mary Jane Watson, the open-world structure of Spider-Man promises to be the biggest Spidey game to date , and it will introduce a whole host of famous Marvel faces. If Peter Parker's friends and foes from his comics weren't enough, there will be at least a tease of the Avengers when the game hits the PS4 later this year.

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Spider-Man got everyone talking thanks to its expansive E3 gameplay video and showcased new villains like Electro, Vulture, and Rhino, but there appears to be more heroes out there to help Web-Head's cause. Sony was keen to show off the size of Spider-Man's open world at E3, and YouTuber Caboose captured some gameplay showing off that scope, including a look at the Avengers tower in the game.

Skipping to the 53-second mark, a new-look Avengers Tower is clearly visible, but why doesn't it look like its big-screen counterpart? Considering Spider-Man is set outside Disney's MCU, players shouldn't expect Robert Downey Jr. to cameo as Tony Stark or to see an attack by James Spader's Ultron. Insomniac confirms that Spider-Man is set apart from the movies and could potentially be the first in a Marvel Games Universe, but for now, it's simply a standalone title.

If Spider-Man is a success, many are hoping that the title could be just the start of an MGU. Gamers will remember that Rocksteady broke the mold with its Arkham games but has yet to expand beyond the confines of a Batman-centric world. There is a gap in the market for a franchise of superhero games after rumors of a Rocksteady Superman game failed to materialize at E3. Considering Square Enix's untitled Avengers game still hasn't been revealed, now is the perfect time for Insomniac and Sony to cash in on the ever-expanding world of Marvel hype.

The Avengers themselves might not appear in Spider-Man, and although they presumably wouldn't be playable like MJ will be, it shows just how much thought has gone into Spider-Man as the start of something bigger. Only recently, promotional artwork for the game teased the Avengers mansion and Iron Man himself, along with the confirmation of Daredevil in the game. Spider-Man is already laying the foundation for whatever Marvel Games wants to do next. With Spider-Man coming on September 7, there isn't long to wait until Peter Parker will be swinging past the Avengers Tower on the PlayStation 4.

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Source: Caboose

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