Spider-Man's J. Jonah Jameson Takes A Shot At Female-Led Reboots

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Spider-Man PS4's J. Jonah Jameson takes a shot at female-led reboots on his podcast, "Just the Facts", in Insomniac Games' new The Heist DLC. After launching Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 last month (which has become colloquially known as Spider-Man PS4), Insomniac and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released the first chapter in their DLC pack, The City That Never Sleeps, which centers on Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson working alongside Black Cat.

The Heist DLC is the first chapter in a three-part DLC story arc, which will continue with Insomniac's Turf Wars in November and Silver Lining in December. Although it's unclear what those two chapters will be about, it's safe to assume that the latter will bring Silver Sable (who appeared in Spider-Man PS4's base game) back into the fold. But for now, consumers who've purchased The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack can play through The Heist, which, in addition to introducing Black Cat, brings back J. Jonah Jameson's hard-boiled podcast.

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In the base Spider-Man PS4 story, J. Jonah Jameson revealed his involvement with Scorpion, particularly how he was responsible for creating the Spider-Man villain in the first place. And now, during The Heist DLC story arc, he makes his opinion on female-led reboot projects quite clear on his podcast, "Just the Facts", while talking about the Black Cat, specifically that the "original" Black Cat was Felicia's father, Walter Hardy (who appeared very briefly in Marvel Comics in the late 1970s).

Speaking about how Felicia Hardy followed in her father's footsteps and became a thief herself, ultimately adopting the name Black Cat, he took a quick, not-so-subtle jab at female-led reboots, saying, "Just like everything else these days they had to reboot it with a woman." Throughout Spider-Man PS4's story, Jameson has been quite current with the world's trends, so it's not surprising that Insomniac would drop something like this onto his podcast.

It's no secret that one of the current trends in Hollywood these days is rebooting movies, TV shows, and even some comic characters with female leads. While that has caused somewhat of an uproar with certain fan bases (namely the infamous Ghostbusters 2016 backlash), rebooting movies with an all-female cast isn't inherently a bad thing (see: 2018's Ocean's 8). Of course, it's something that has irked J. Jonah Jameson, which isn't much of a surprise. With regards to Felicia Hardy, though, Jameson's comments don't necessarily apply since she's really the only Black Cat out there.

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Marvel's Spider-Man's The Heist DLC is now available on PlayStation 4.

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