Footage of Spider-Man PS4 DLC The Heist Officially Released

The first 18 minutes of footage from Marvel’s Spider-Man's DLC, The Heist, is released online as the extensive look showcases more Black Cat.

The first 18 minutes of footage from Marvel’s Spider-Man’s DLC has been released online as IGN posts an extensive look at from Insomniac’s The HeistThe Heist is the first of the new DLC trilogy, which is collectively known as Spider-Man: The City that Never Sleeps. Picking up where the main game’s storyline left off, The Heist brings Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Miles Morales back together, as they tackle new threats which face New York and its inhabitants.

Alongside main mission in The Heist, the DLC will also feature numerous new enemies, district quests, side challenges, trophies, and costumes - including the popular Spider-UK and Scarlet Spider II Suits. Now, fans can take a look at officially released footage from the DLC.

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Posted to YouTube by IGN, the new content commences with Spider-Man receiving a tip off from MJ about the impending robbery of a contemporary art museum. When Spider-Man arrives, it soon transpires that these goons work for his long-time comic book foe Hammerhead, and seek to steal one seemingly unremarkable painting. Though Hammerhead doesn’t make an appearance, his distinctive silhouette is glimpsed in one of Mary Jane’s photos near the beginning of the video.

Naturally, a large portion of the footage is taken up by gameplay of Spider-Man piecing together puzzles, and preventing Hammerhead’s gang from completing their mission. It’s as thrilling as ever to watch the game’s dynamic combat system work its magic on the hapless thugs. However, the scenario becomes even more complicated when Black Cat shows up and removes a certain something from the painting’s frame.

The DLC will not leave Black Cat enthusiasts wanting. While Spider-Man’s on-and-off lover manages to give him the slip in this video, it’s clear that this isn’t the last time that we’ll see Felicia Hardy. A previously released teaser showcased Spider-Man and Black Cat involved in a high-speed subway chase. Therefore, it seems that things will become even more heated between the pair further down the line.

Many fans had been slightly disappointed that Felicia only appeared through voice messages in the main PS4 game, so her heavy prominence in this DLC will surely satisfy them. Indeed, from this footage alone it appears that Erica Lindbeck has done a fantastic job at playing Felicia, and this iteration of Black Cat is sure to be as warmly received as Yuri Lowenthal and William Salyers’ versions of Peter Parker and Otto Octavius have been.

Marvel’s Spider-Man has already been named the most popular, fastest-selling PS4 game of the year. Yet despite several teases from the developers, a sequel has yet to be confirmed. However, while these DLCs may be shorter than the main games, they are sure to please gamers that have already completed Marvel’s Spider-Man, and are craving more wall-crawling, web-slinging action.

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Source: IGN/YouTube

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