Spider-Man Gets Absolutely Rekt In Latest PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Sony releases new gameplay for Insomniac Games' PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Marvel's Spider-Man, during their E3 2018 press conference.

Marvel’s Spider-Man draws closer to release with a new E3 trailer for the PS4 exclusive. The release of this newest Spider-Man game represents the long-awaited return of the wall-crawler in his first proper outing on modern consoles, courtesy of veteran studio Insomniac Games.

The studio has contributed hit exclusive titles to Sony’s platform before — including the Resistance, Spyro, and Ratchet & Clank franchises — but Marvel’s Spider-Man is their first attempt at adapting a licensed superhero property. The game is intended to follow a long line of Spider-Man third-person action open world games, and will include a storyline unattached to existing comic books or movies about the character.

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Last year, Sony's E3 briefing included a fairly extensive gameplay demo of Insomniac’s new game, but, as the title approaches its September release date, fans have been wondering what the final finished product really looks like. Gamers can now take a closer look at the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man as they get their pre-orders in line, including an introduction to some of the villains who will be making appearances.

The E3 2018 trailer offers up plenty of Spider-Man gameplay, including an exploration of the fight mechanics at super-max prison The Raft. Arriving on a police helicopter piloted by Yuriko Watanabe (is Wraith going to make an appearance in this game?), the pair are sent careening into a building by Electro. Soon, the hero is giving chase through the wrecked facility, though is frequently held up by scraps with freed inmates. All of these action sequences seem like a combination of the fighting in games like Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 with Rocksteady's Arkham series, with Spider-Man being mobbed by melee combatants and using his spider-sense to dodge their attacks. In between these sequences, the gameplay shows off some web-slinging mechanics, as Spider-Man chases Electro outside The Raft and speeding through elevator shafts while dodging debris and blasts of electricity.

Before long, the on-screen rogues gallery expands, and run-ins with Rhino, Scorpion, Mr. Negative, and The Vulture all lead the hero to a severe, painful-looking beatdown on the roof. While the villains on-screen are one man short of a Sinister Six, the E3 trailer manages to cut off right before a sixth character reveals themselves. It turns out, that character is none other than Doctor Octopus.

The new Spider-Man game is looking promising so far, and releases exclusively on the PS4 on September 7.

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Source: Sony

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