Venom Will Not Appear In Insomniac's Spider-Man PS4

Insomniac Studios' art director Jacinda Chew confirms that fan-favorite villain Venom will not appear in Sony's upcoming Spider-Man video game.

Venom Insomniac Spider-Man

As Sony lines up an impressive roster of villains for Insomniac's Spider-Man, developers confirm that fan-favorite villain Venom will sadly be sitting this party out. It looks like Otto Octavius is forming his own video game Sinister Six, but there apparently isn't room to fit a personality as big as Venom's in anywhere else.

Sony's E3 footage showed off the potential candidates to fill Doc Ock's Sinister Six with names like Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, and Mr. Negative. Previous confirmation of Shocker, Norman Osborn, and Kingpin tease that there are other villains roaming the streets of New York City, so it is a shame that Venom won't be one of them.

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There are so many rogues that Insomniac could've picked for the most ambitious Spidey game to date, but Art Director Jacinda Chew reveals they decided not to include Venom. When one fan asked how big Venom will be in the game, Chew responded on Twitter with the following:

Chew could be throwing players off the scent, but it is easy to see why Insomniac would save Venom for a another day. Spider-Man is here to establish a whole new world of the wall-crawling hero, and having someone like Venom outshine the lead character could be seen as overkill. It is important to note that Chew isn't saying never to Venom, just that it won't be now.

One fan suggested that Venom could appear in DLC, and while there would be no better way to cash in on the hype of Ruben Fleischer's movie, Venom's release on October 5 is a little too close to Spider-Man's September launch. Thankfully, Insomniac's Spider-Man and video game Venom aren't constrained by the family-friendly morals of the MCU and the character is much more likely to appear in PS4 form than an upcoming Spider-Man movie. In fact, waiting until the character has reestablished himself in theaters after Topher Grace's controversial Spider-Man 3 performance is a clever way to shift more games in a sequel.

Considering Rocksteady's Arkham games saved major villains like Hugo Strange, Penguin, and Ra's al Ghul for the sequel, players might see Eddie Brock's symbiote alter ego pop up further down the line. Also, just because Venom won't come crawling into the game, that isn't to say Brock himself won't. Fans already know that Mary Jane Watson will serve as an investigative journalist and playable character in Spider-Man. This sounds like the perfect way to cross paths with Eddie as a rival reporter and set up a possible Venom storyline.

If Spider-Man is even half as successful as the hype currently surrounding it suggests, gamers should expect at least another chance to leap across the New York skyline. Developers have already cited the Arkham games as a major influence and presumably have plans for the future of the franchise.  As Insomniac crafts its own dark world of violent villains and litters the city with comic book Easter eggs, fans should look ahead for at least the sniff of a symbiote when Spider-Man hits the PlayStation 4 on September 7.

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Source: Jacinda Chew

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