Spider-Man PS4 Could Feature Yet Another Classic Comic Villain

A new post by Sony appears to be hinting at the inclusion of Tombstone in the upcoming Spider-Man PS4, adding yet another villain to the game.

Tombstone fighting Spider-Man

Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 game might include an appearance by the villain, Tombstone. The upcoming game already promises a long list of baddies for the web-slinging hero to contend with. It looks like Tombstone might be added to the extensive roster that already includes characters like Doctor Octopus, Rhino, and Electro.

Much of the new Spider-Man is still a mystery, but what Insomniac has shared looks promising. Sony unveiled an impressive gameplay trailer during E3, which included footage hinting at possible members of a new Sinister Six, likely lead by Doc Ock. Sony has stated there are some fan-favorites who won’t be making an appearance, like Venom and probably the Fantastic Four. But there are plenty other members of Spidey’s rogues gallery that the company can pick from.

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Sony hinted at the possible inclusion of Tombstone on PlayStation’s official website. One article in their Daily Bugle Issue #2 warns of the dangers of Grave Dust, a highly addictive street drug. According to fictional journalist Betty Brant, “Terrified eyewitnesses claim that users’ skin flushes grey and hardens, quite literally as if they’ve turned to stone. Others report users break into fits of rage, inflicting violence against innocent citizens, and even themselves.”

Spider-Man PS4 game Avengers Tower

The description and accompanying photo sounds a lot like Tombstone, a mob enforcer with nearly impenetrable grey skin. While he was not initially superhuman, relying on brute strength to complete his hits, a run in with experimental gas granted him new powers, making him all but indestructible. Grave Dust could be a possible twist on that storyline.

Should Sony include Tombstone, he might appear working for Wilson Fisk, aka. Kingpin, who is already confirmed as one of the game’s main villains. Tombstone could become an obstacle for Spider-Man as he tracks down Kingpin. In the same Bugle issue, Sony included an article regarding rumors about Fisk, reminding fans that they can expect a showdown with the character. Having articles for Kingpin and possibly Tombstone appear together does give added weight to the theory that the hitman will show up at some point.

If Insomniac is truly set on creating an original story, forgoing some fan-favorite villains for those less widely known is certainly a step in the right direction, assuming this is a Tombstone hint. Perhaps the company is trying to save characters with more name recognition for potential sequels. But with such a rich roster of villains to pick from, there is no reason for Insomniac to limit itself to a few familiar faces. With so many Spider-Man games already in existence, characters like Tombstone might be just what this game needs to stand out.

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