Spider-Man PS4 Video Game Release Date May Have Been Revealed

Spider-Man PS4

The Spider-Man PS4 game may have just had its release date revealed, if a posting from a Swedish online retailer is to be believed. The title, which is being developed by Resistance and Sunset Overdrive studio Insomniac Games, is one of the most-wanted games of 2018, and has been wowing would-be players with a series of extremely impressive game trailers, including one from Paris Games Week 2017 that showcased how cinematic this Spider-Man video game will be.

These trailers gave fans of Spider-Man a good look at the potential that the game has, and further information released by Insomniac over the course of last year painted an even better picture. The title's gameplay reveal at E3 2017 was enough to get the pulse racing, while an after credits teaser to the footage let players in to the fact that Miles Morales would be in the game. In spite of the information revealed, however, there was one tidbit still missing: exactly when gamers would be able to get their hands on the game.

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Now, that information may have been released, but it's not exactly come from an official source. Instead, the potential release date for Spider-Man for PS4 has been leaked by Swedish online retailer Coolshop. Over at the retailer's website, the page for the game has now given a release date, and according to Coolshop PS4 players will be able to pick up Spider-Man on September 28, 2018.

Spider-Man PS4

Of course, it's worth noting that the release date is far from confirmed by anyone at Sony or at Insomniac Games, so it's not exactly verified just yet. With that in mind, Spider-Man fans might be better off writing this date in the diary in pencil rather than pen. Nonetheless, it's still an interesting potential release date for the game, particularly given that it hardly sounds like a typical placeholder date for a game release.

Something that also might point towards the accuracy of this release date is Coolshop's history with leaked launch dates for games. The retailer confirmed the release date for Grand Theft Auto 5 in advance of developer Rockstar, for instance, and its previous accuracy has left lots of gamers interested in some other early release dates that Coolshop has given, such as a potential June release date for Red Dead Redemption 2.

With that in mind, a September release for Spider-Man certainly seems plausible. However, the true release date won't be known until Insomniac Games is ready to announce it. Hopefully, that time will come soon - and perhaps then gamers will have a better idea about whether Spider-Man truly can help the PS4 reach 100 million units sold.

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