Earlier this year during Sony’s E3 Press Conference, Insomniac Games made an impression when they debuted the first official footage and gameplay from their new Spider-Man game exclusively for the PS4. With Tom Holland’s Peter Parker now an active member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his own standalone film on its way to theaters next year, and an animated film from Chris Miller and Phil Lord currently in the works, it’s looking to be the start of a good run for the character. The addition of a new, exciting video game to that mix is just the cherry on top.

Not much news has come from Insomniac about the game since E3, however, much less when fans can expect the video game to be released. According to the studio, it may be quite some time until anything new is released from or regarding the project, a move that is likely to disappoint fans.

Insomniac provided the update earlier today via their Twitter account, stating that they’re currently working hard to share “cool new stuff” in 2017, but that fans shouldn’t expect any last-minute announcements or releases in 2016.

There’s no telling when exactly gamers will be able to bring Spider-Man PS4 home with them. Insomniac revealed several months ago that they weren’t going to announce a release date anytime soon, and it doesn’t sound like that’s any closer to happening. Whether this means that we’re still just a year away from the game’s release — perhaps in December 2017, like the GameStop listing states — fans will have to wait and see. It likely all depends on how confident Insomniac is with their current work on the title.

Jay Ong, Marvel’s vice president of games, said that Spider-Man PS4 would be the beginning of a new wave of prestige titles being made for their characters, which means there’s extra pressure on Insomniac to deliver. From the trailer alone, Spider-Man PS4 looked more interactive than any other Spider-Man game before it, and the level of hype that quickly came from the footage seemed to accurately reflect that level of craftsmanship.

Right now, the character is at the beginning of a possible renaissance (in terms of non-comic book adaptations), and with the latest live-action version of the character sticking the landing earlier this year in Captain America: Civil War, it’s probably for the best that Insomniac takes as much time as they need before they feel confident in releasing the title. Even if that means a much longer wait than anyone wanted or anticipated back when the trailer was first released.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on Spider-Man PS4 as more information becomes available.

Source: Twitter

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