Everyone Wants Spidey Dead in Spider-Man PS4's Launch Trailer

Peter Parker is getting hit from all sides (literally) in the launch trailer for PlayStation 4's upcoming exclusive Spider-Man game. Spider-Man is one of, if not the biggest game, left on the PlayStation 4's release schedule for 2018. Even though the game is being limited to just one console, developer Insomniac Games isn't holding back at all.

The game will focus on a slightly older Peter Parker than normal. Unlike the MCU, Spider-Man isn't in high school but is a grown adult trying to navigate the working world and being one of New York City's biggest superheroes at the same. As anyone who has experienced a Spider-Man story before, Peter's best laid plans to balance his life go awry. It seems like almost every villain in Spider-Man's considerable arsenal will be out for the wallcrawler.

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The launch trailer was released directly from PlayStation. The trailer is hardly the first look at the game. Spider-Man was originally announced back at E3 2016 and given another (bigger) spotlight during E3 2018. Previous trailers have highlighted the gameplay and/or big character reveals, while the launch trailer gives a better idea of the storyline of the game. It's an original tale that incorporates a considerable chunk of Spider-Man canon, from villains like Silver Sable and Kingpin to fledgling heroes like Miles Morales.

The launch trailer plays out in a largely chronological fashion. The game will begin with Spider-Man taking down Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as New York's Kingpin of crime. As Spidey points out, though, just because Kingpin is behind bars doesn't mean the show is over. The absence of Kingpin creates a vacuum of power causing Spider-Man to face off against several major comic book villains. The Sinister Six led by Doctor Octopus is heavily rumored to be the main antagonists of the game but they won't be alone. While members of the Sinister Six definitely feature in the trailer, the biggest villainous spotlight is given to the recently announced character of Silver Sable. At one point, the white-haired mercenary can be seen pointing a gun directly at Spider-Man's head.

The format of the game suggested by the trailer is very similar to the Batman: Arkham games, which are noted inspiration for Spider-Man. The Arkham series, which currently consists of four games, plays out with Batman defeating dozens of his villains, with Easter eggs of even more characters from the DC Universe. Whether Spider-Man will be as successful as Batman's Arkham games is something that only time will tell but a similar ambition and scale is evident.

The various villains hunting Spider-Man will inform much of the story and the game's various impressive action scenes. However, Peter won't be completely friendless in Spider-Man. Miles Morales is given an almost equal amount of screentime in the trailer to Spider-Man or any villain. Miles is slightly older than he is usually depicted, but still a teenager and the impression of Spider-Man and Miles' relationship is still one of mentor and mentee. Miles is the one character whose not actively trying to kill Spider-Man. Whether Miles learns that Peter Parker is Spider-Man or follows in his footsteps as a second Spider-Man are reveals that are obviously being saved for the main game. At the very least, though, Miles will be a friendly face in a sea of enemies.

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