Spider-Man PS4 Game DLC Trailer Reveals First Look At Black Cat

Spider-Man PS4 Black Cat The City That Never Sleeps DLC

Black Cat is front and center in a new trailer for the PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man that focuses on the game's first DLC. While the main campaign boasts a who's who of heroes and villains from the world of Peter Parker, "The City That Never Sleeps" DLCs will hone in on three separate stories. Up first, Felicia Hardy has returned to her life as a notorious New York City cat burglar.

First introduced in 1979's The Amazing Spider-Man #194, Hardy has been a continuous pest - and sometimes lover - of the wall-crawling hero. With Insomniac's Spider-Man picking up with a more mature version of the vigilante hero, relationships between the likes of Kingpin, Mary Jane Watson, and Hardy have already been formed. Black Cat is as sultry as ever in the latest trailer, but will there be a romantic spark between her and the Web-Head?

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Shared by the official PlayStation YouTube account, the trailer for "The Heist" gives players their first glimpse of a reimagined Black Cat. Showcasing a comic book-accurate look with a modern twist, Black Cat is still sporting her signature platinum blonde hair and eye mask alongside a tight-fitting catsuit.  Although the trailer is only a brief tease ahead of the DLC's October 23 release, it looks like Black Cat is a more nimble opponent than the grunting thugs Spider-Man is used to chasing down.

While the exact details of the DLC are still shrouded in mystery, the trailer confirms that Hardy will go head-to-head with Parker in a game of cat and mouse. Black Cat's words of "long time, no see" suggest that she has been lying low and brought out of hiding for something big. Insomniac's Community Director James Stevenson previously announced that Black Cat will leave a series of games throughout the main game that lead to her eventual arrival in "The Heist."

Although "The Heist" will be followed by "Turf Wars" and "Silver Linings," Sony is keeping its cards close to its chest on who Spider-Man will be facing off against in the other DLCs. If the game follows in the footsteps of Black Cat's introduction, expect the presence of someone big to be felt during the game and for them to then have their own spinoff in a DLC.

With only days to go before Spider-Man's big release, the hype is at fever-pitch before the open-world game comes swinging into action. Players may have to wait a little longer until Felicia Hardy slips into her PVC catsuit to cause a new load of trouble for Peter Parker, but as everyone knows, Spider-Man isn't about to take it easy on his former love interest.

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