Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Ending Explained

Doctor Octopus - The REAL Villain - Is Born

What really makes Marvel's Spider-Man story work as a whole is Insomniac Games' dedication to the slow burn. From the very start of the game, Peter Parker's professional and personal relationship with both Dr. Otto Octavius and Martin Li becomes the heart of the story, and seeing Octavius slowly but surely devolve into the supervillain that he's so famously known for being is what drives the core narrative forward, leading into the unsuspecting Act 3 twist. After all the villains gang up on Spider-Man at the Raft, it's revealed that the person responsible for the prison breakout is really Octavius. It was hinted at earlier in the game that Octavius may have been contracted to upgrade the Raft's security measures, but instead, he used that knowledge to put his megalomaniacal plan in place.

Even though Mister Negative's plan to release the Devil's Breath is thwarted, Doc Ock takes it upon himself to do with Martin Li couldn't: infect New York City with a substance that Osborn created, despite the fact that it can be classified as a biological weapon, with everyone - including his own scientists - telling him that it should be destroyed. But Osborn's sole reason for continuing the project in the first place was to save his son, Harry Osborn, from dying of the same disease that killed his wife - who was the main reason Osborn created the Devil's Breath, to begin with. Martin Li was one of several patients who was being tested for a cure for Norman's wife all those years ago. Octavius didn't want any more part of it after the failed experiment, but since he couldn't strike out on his own, with Norman seemingly curtailing his every move as mayor, Otto decided to take matters into his own hands and bring down Norman for good.

But it's worth noting that the chip that makes Doctor Octopus' suit work is also what affects his mind, effectively turning him evil. That's why he doesn't feel any remorse about what he's doing, in spite of knowing that Peter Parker is really Spider-Man and that he's starting what could become a worldwide epidemic (think: a Planet of the Apes-type of extinction.) While Norman Osborn hasn't actually done anything wrong in the confines of Marvel's Spider-Man story, everything he's done in the past is now coming back to haunt him - and that's partly because he didn't get rid of Devil's Breath when he had the chance. And now, all of his enemies are looking to use that weapon to make him responsible for the deaths of thousands.

Spider-Man Saves The City (And The World)

When Spider-Man discovers and infiltrates Doc Ock's secret lair, he uncovers the real reason the Sinister Six members are helping Octavius in his pursuit to destroy Osborn: they are all getting something personal in return, whether it's a cure to an incurable disease or achieving the full potential of one's powers (or even the opposite - taking those powers away). As MJ states, the only way for Spidey to defeat someone as strong as Doctor Octopus would be to dismantle him from within. Since Peter unwittingly helped create Doc Ock, he knows how to defeat him... with science. But first, he creates an Anti-Ock suit that aids him in his efforts.

By this point in the game, Spider-Man's ultimate goal is simple: defeat Doctor Octopus and retrieve the cure for Devil's Breath. They finally come to a head atop Oscorp Tower, where Spider-Man destroys some of Doc Ock's legs and removes the chip from behind his neck. By doing so, he rendered Octavius powerless. And he took the risk of letting the once-good doctor tell the world his secret - revealing his real identity - but silencing him (read: killing him) wasn't something that Peter was willing to do. His innate righteousness is once again put on display when he chooses to save potentially thousands of people with the cure rather than only Aunt May.

Before the game concludes, it fast-forwards a few months to Peter meeting Mary Jane at Mick's, and them not only agreeing to get back together but move in together. That also comes after MJ reveals she got the Associate Editor job at The Daily Bugle. While this is the end of the main story, a sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man is teased throughout the story - with Oscorp retrieving the Devil's Breath for Norman Osborn to continue testing, for instance - as well as in the end-credits scenes. Whether or not Insomniac chooses to move forward with a sequel remains to be seen, but a story like this is why movies like Deadpool 2 work so well: the story is a personal one and the enemy's defeat strikes on an emotional chord with the character, yet the seemingly small victory also ends up saving the world.

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