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Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Marvel's Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 ending is something that gamers may not expect, but it works exceptionally well because it circumvents traditional superhero video game tropes and employs a more cinematic conclusion. One month before the game's main story begins, Peter Parker takes down Kingpin for what appears to be the last time, after at least eight years of the two iconic characters duking it out with each other. Because Wilson Fisk is not only responsible for the organized crime that plagues the city but also keeping the rest of the criminal underworld at bay, his arrest created a power vacuum that engulfs the city. It's worth noting that all the villains in the game weren't gunning for Fisk's position, though. Instead, they were led by people who wanted to see Norman Osborn be taken down.

Most of the game follows Spidey's quest to bring Martin Li, aka Mister Negative, to justice, by investigating his crimes and thwarting his plans along with the help of Mary Jane Watson and Miles Morales. At the same time, Peter Parker is busy working as a lab assistant for Dr. Otto Octavius, helping him create a solution - not necessarily a cure - for neuromuscular degeneration, an ailment that Octavius is suffering from. But that's not preventing Octavius from eventually seeking evolution as Doctor Octopus - the game's real villain (more on this later). Throughout Marvel's Spider-Man game, Spidey tries to defeat Mister Negative, who is out to see Norman Osborn lose everything he loves.

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While it's easy to ascertain that Martin Li leads the Demons in their pursuit of defeating Osborn, seeing the Demon mask that Peter had obtained seemingly became the last straw that sent him over the edge, to ultimately accomplish his goal by bringing down the man that not only turned him into who he was but the person who was responsible for killing his parents as well. From then on, Peter's journey unfolds in two ways: one, as Peter Parker, and the other as Spider-Man. Otherwise, the story wouldn't work without both characters in use. Although there are plenty of missions to go through, the story starts to come to a head after the attack at the mayor's re-election rally, which sadly kills NYPD Officer Jefferson Davis.

Why Martin Li/Mister Negative Wants To Take Down Norman Osborn

In the story, it's revealed that Martin Li was an early test subject for the chemical formula/substance that eventually became known as Devil's Breath. He was experimented on in 1986 and the failed test inadvertently gave him his powers, of which one is the ability to create Inner Demons simply by touching them. Sadly, the lab accident resulted in both of Li's parents being killed, for which Li blames Osborn. Although he tried moving on from the event, the pain caught up to him - and he took it upon himself to finally destroy Norman Osborn, once and for all - but not by simply killing him or removing him from power; Li wanted to take everything away from Osborn, and he was going to use Devil's Breath to do it.

It's not explicitly explained, but it's presumed that this failed experiment is what resulted in Octavius taking a settlement from Osborn and leaving Oscorp for good. But it's later revealed that he's been helping Li keep his powers (and inner demon) under control by treating him on the side. That relationship later comes into play when Octavius extorts Mister Negative's powers for his own gain: to defeat Norman Osborn. Unlike most comic book villains, Mister Negative isn't inherently evil. He's a good person with a dark side that is striving to take over. And players see Li struggle with doing the right thing towards the end of the game, specifically in the cinematic that leads into the boss battle with Spider-Man. Finally beating Mister Negative is only half the fight for Spider-Man, though. The other half is finding the cure for Devil's Breath while simultaneously taking down Doctor Octopus.

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