Spider-Man PS4 Guide: How to Unlock The Heist DLC Suits

Spider-Man PS4 DLC "The Heist" comes with three new suits/costumes for Peter Parker to wear while fighting crime and thwarting new enemies from taking over Manhattan. Following the release of Insomniac Games' Marvel title in September, Sony Interactive Entertainment is publishing three new chapters in the web-slinger's story as part of "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC pack, beginning with The Heist on October 23 and then continuing with Turf Wars in November and Silver Lining in December.

In The Heist DLC, the Spider-Man PS4 story continues with Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson investigating a robbery at a contemporary art museum, which ultimately results in them coming into contact with Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, who always has been one of Spidey's more complex "old flames." This is merely the beginning of a three-chapter story arc, which not only includes more story content but new challenges, trophies, enemies, and suits - but getting those suits isn't nearly as time-consuming as it was obtaining all the other suits in Spider-Man PS4's base game.

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Obtaining all three new suits/costumes from Spider-Man PS4's The Heist DLC is rather simple. The Resilient Suit (middle suit in the image below) is unlocked by completing the DLC's first mission: The Maria, which kicks off The Heist's story. Then, the Spider-UK Suit (right suit in the image below) can be unlocked by completing The Heist's entire DLC storyline. It doesn't matter what level your character is in order to unlock these suits; you only need to play the story. As for the Scarlet Spider II Suit, though, that is only unlocked by completing all the district activities in The Heist.

Spider-Man Heist Spider Suits

Unfortunately, unlike most of the 28 suits/costumes that come with the base Spider-Man PS4 game, none of The Heist's suits are attributed with any sort of special powers or abilities. They are merely unlockable for aesthetic purposes only, which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering the game is already filled to the brim with superpowers for Spider-Man fans to try out. Furthermore, there are still plenty of more suits on the way, which will release with the Turf Wars and Silver Lining DLCs later this year.

By unlocking The Heist's new Spider-Man suits, players who have obtained all of the other ones in the base game will have 31 costumes to try out. And players can use those suits' powers to their advantage while regaining control of the city as well as completing all the new DLC missions as part of "The City That Never Sleeps" DLC pack.

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Marvel's Spider-Man The Heist DLC releases on October 23 on PlayStation 4.

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