This Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Box Is A Must-Have

Spider-Man PS4 Collector Box

PlayStation 4 owners excited for the upcoming Spider-Man game just got another must-buy item. GameStop announced that they're teaming up with Culture Fly and will be exclusively selling a Spider-Man PS4 collector box set. While it will retail for $49.99, the items it includes are valued at over $100.

This is yet another example of Sony Interactive Entertainment and Marvel Games going all out in order to promote the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. The title, developed by Ratchet & Clank creators Insomniac Games, will be the first triple-A release since Marvel Entertainment launched their own Marvel Games division. It's poised to be a groundbreaking release and partnership for all three companies involved and will even be one of the four pillars of next month's PlayStation E3 2018 showcase, where brand new gameplay footage of the upcoming action game will be shown.

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Included within the GameStop Spider-Man PS4 collector box are seven items in total. There'll be a flap styled backpack, an insulated travel mug, a beanie featuring Spider-Man's signature logo, a spiral notebook, and a collectible enamel pin. There are also two mystery items that won't be revealed until the box is in player's hands, which has become a common practice for these branded boxes.

This set isn't to be confused with the Spider-Man collector's edition that will cost $149.99 when the game releases September 7, 2018. That will include the actual game alongside a custom Steelbook case, a white spider sticker, a mini artbook, and a statue that hasn't been revealed yet. Additionally, players who purchase the Spider-Man collector's edition get access to three post-launch story chapters that will be released by March 2019.

The highlight of the collector box is definitely the backpack, which looks surprisingly non-gaudy for a licensed product. Instead it features a pretty low-key "Empire State University" logo, and looks like something that won't raise any eyebrows in public. The two mystery items are also a key point of interest, as they could potentially make the box a great value for any Spider-Man fan.

Both of the two collector offerings seem to offer very different and distinct goodies. Although if someone is already spending $149.99 on the collector's edition, what's another $49.99 for a bunch of other branded goodies? One might as well go all the way if they're that into Insomniac Games' upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive (that might even have its own console).

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Source: GameStop

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