Spider-Man PS4 Was Inspired By Batman's Arkham Games

Sony's PS4 exclusive Spider-Man is trying to reinvent the franchise in Insomniac's upcoming game, and it sounds like the developers got their inspiration from Rocksteady's already established Arkham series.

From Asylum to City, City to Knight, Rocksteady's three Arkham games set the bar high with their open-world take on the many years of Batman lore. Littered with complex puzzles, well-hidden Easter Eggs, and beautifully redesigned villains, Rocksteady was a fan's dream when it came to creating a Batman game. However, with news of a fourth entry struggling to get off the starting blocks since the acclaimed Arkham Knight hit shelves in 2015, Spider-Man could be the perfect solution to fill that comic book gap in the market.

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In a recent hands-on interview with The Telegraph, Spider-Man creative director Bryan Intihar lifted the hood on the Insomniac's biggest game to date and let gamers know a little more about what's making it tick. Intihar was keen to remind players that Spider-Man isn't in competition with the Arkham series, but has used it as a blueprint for where to go:

“People ask, do you find them competitors? No! They inspire! Those games inspire us. I look at those games but I don’t look at specific features, I look at the quality, not to mention fulfilling the fantasy of being Batman. Our goals are to make sure people say our game is on their quality level.”

Spider-Man PS4

With Spider-Man's sandbox feel and a plethora of famous friends and foes from the web-slinger's world, the comparisons between Insomniac's title and the Rocksteady games has been circling since the first footage of Webhead emerged. However, it is great to see that instead of shunning the idea that Spider-Man has been influenced by Arkham, Intihar and the team are keen to embrace the idea.

While the Arkham games were a typically grim take on the crime-riddled streets of Gotham City, Spider-Man is already showcasing one major difference. It was no surprise that the Dark Knight's storylines all took place at night, but as Peter Parker swings from the rooftops of New York City, Spider-Man is a much brighter affair. That isn't to say it will be all sunshine and web-slinging, with Insomniac promising a more mature take on Peter Parker as he is forced to take on dangerous villains like Kingpin, Shocker, and Mr. Negative.

The interview also highlighted that Spider-Man's script stands at an impressive 400,000 words, meaning that the developers have been able to inject plenty of Peter Parker's chirpy wit into the game. Just like Rocksteady did with the Arkham series, Sony has given developers free reign on what they want to do, heading in a new direction away from the stories of the MCU. Time will tell how Spider-Man stacks up against the formidable reputation of Arkham, but with its September 7 release looming, spider-senses are tingling that this could be one heck of a game.

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Source: The Telegraph

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