PS4's Spider-Man Gets An Action Figure Line

Spider-Man PS4 Collector Box

While the Spider-Man E3 2018 trailer and gameplay demo were a highlight of Sony's unorthodox showcase last night, they weren't the only announcement regarding the webbed wonder. Toy manufacturer Hasbro revealed that they are bringing out two separate action figures based upon the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The two figures are the latest part of Hasbro's Gamerverse line of Marvel toys. Previously, the toy company put out Gamerverse branded Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite two-pack figures for last year's fighting game. Keeping with the theme of the crossover fighting game, the packages paired up Marvel superheroes with Capcom characters, such as Iron Man and Mega Man X appearing together.

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First up is the Gamerverse two-pack that features 3.75-inch figures of both Spider-Man and the villainous Mister Negative (seen below), who serves as one of the open-world action game's chief antagonists. Both characters have game-inspired designs, and the set comes with two accessories. Hasbro says that the package will be sold exclusively at GameStop for a time and then "followed by other Fan Channel retailers."

The second Spider-Man PS4 figure (seen below) is a six-inch model. It features a suit that is based upon the outfit that Spider-Man wears within the game, and it includes four separate accessories including several hands and some strings of web. It's also a crossover with Hasbro's line of "Marvel Legends" figurines (which primarily feature movie-based Marvel characters), and will be sold exclusively at GameStop. Both figure sets are priced at $22.99 apiece and will be released in Fall of this year.

If these figurines wind up being successful, don't be surprised if the action figure line expands in size. The action-packed Spider-Man PS4 E3 2018 gameplay trailer featured several other key villains (such as Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture, Kingpin, and Shocker), so there is really no shortage of characters to choose from when it comes to making more toys in the future.

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man is set to not only be PlayStation's biggest exclusive of 2018, but also a huge opportunity from a merchandise standpoint, which is why the company is putting out stuff like the Collector's Box. Spider-Man already has a built-in fanbase, and all parties involved are looking to capitalize on it by making sure there are all kinds of different items available to purchase. As a result, the game's launch later this year will feel far bigger than the average triple-A title because of it.

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Source: Hasbro, GameStop

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