Spider-Man PS4 Has Sold Over 9 Million Copies

Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 reaches another huge milestone, as its reported that over 9 million copies have been sold.

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After four months of being out, Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 has sold over 9 million copies. While film buffs look to be getting a ton of Spider-Man movies in the coming years, gamers got a treat last year with a brand new Spider-Man game. The most recent title lets gamers play as an experienced Spider-Man as he protects New York against the villain Mister Negative.

Fans had been anticipating the game ever since the first trailer for Spider-Man was released. Insomniac Games did a good job of marketing their game by keeping fans updated, while also releasing a limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro bundle and even a PS4 Spider-Man action figure line. Upon the game's release, the reviews for Spider-Man were mostly positive, with people praising the overall story and gameplay. The title even grew to become PlayStation's fastest selling game ever, as well as their best selling game in September. Now, it seems that Spider-Man has reached another huge milestone.

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According to James Stevenson, a community director at Insomniac Games, Marvel's Spider-Man has sold over 9 million copies. His tweet (see below) reveals that the milestone was reached as of 11/25, which means that in about two months Spider-Man had sold millions of copies. This also means that as of today, even more copies of the game have been sold.

While most people have beaten the campaign for Spider-Man by now, Insomniac Games are keeping their customers happy by continually releasing new content and updates. The new content came in the form of a DLC called The City That Never Sleeps, which was broken into three parts- The HeistTurf Wars, and Silver Lining. Each of these DLCs came with a new story, as well as new Spidey-suits. Insomniac Games even gave gamers an early Christmas present by finally releasing the highly requested Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit. There are also rumors that a sequel to Spider-Man is being developed.

Nine million copies sold is by no means an easy milestone to hit, but given the popularity of the game, it doesn't seem all that surprising. Since November 25th, Spider-Man has been nominated for several awards, including Game of the Year, at this year's Game Awards, which likely got even more people to purchase the game. Insomniac Games no doubt had a hit with Spider-Man, and it is incredibly likely that they will continue to sell more copies for the next few years.

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Source: James Stevenson

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