Yes, Spider-Verse's Old Peter is The TRUE Spider-Man

Warning: SPOILERS for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse may be a fun adventure, but the movie also asks the question: what would have happened if Peter Parker's life didn't work out the way he hoped? But the answer is darker than fans expect... once they realize which Peter Parker the "washed-up" Spider-Man actually is.

While Into the Spider-Verse makes Miles Morales the star, that doesn't mean fans of Peter Parker will leave disappointed. After all, it's the perfect version of Spider-Man (played by Chris Pine) who shows Miles what a superhero looks like. That's before an older Peter B. Parker arrives to show Miles that superheroes don't always get a happy ending. The saddest part? Fans may miss the moment that proves this tragic Spider-Man is the 'original' Peter Parker Marvel fans know and love from the comics.

Old Peter Parker Isn't an 'Alternate' Spider-Man

Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Peter Parker Suits

Since most people who rush out to see the origin story of Miles Morales won’t know the details about his “Ultimate” universe, an alternate-reality from the main universe in which all of Marvel’s heroes were born and exist. But even those who do will be faced with one simple fact: that given his origin, his personality, his life, and his popularity, the Spider-Man Miles knows is the same one that WE know. At least, he’s the version of Peter Parker that we’re most familiar with. He got the girl, he protected New York, and he gave his life fighting to protect the innocent, the way the ‘true’ Peter Parker ultimately would.

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Which makes Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson) seem like the inverse - the version of Spider-Man that ‘could’ have come to be, if everything had gone wrong. Or perhaps for older viewers and comic fans, what would have happened if Spider-Man got old like the rest of us. He and MJ split up. Aunt May died. He put on weight, and stopped being a hero. If Pine’s Parker is the Spider-Man we all know and love, Johnson’s Parker is the depressing one fans were lucky to never see.

Which makes it even more crushing when you realize which version of Spider-Man the older, washed-up hero actually is...

Old Peter Parker is The 'True' Spider-Man

Into The Spider-Verse Peter Parker

Yes, as much of a bummer as it will be to accept, Jake Johnson’s version of Spider-Man is the hero of Marvel’s main, canonical universe. Some viewers will obviously be skeptical, and refuse to believe that such a cautionary tale of love and loss is what awaits their beloved, Peter in his future, but the movie states it outright. But to catch the confirmation, fans will need to keep their eyes peeled on just which dimensions these Spider-heroes are arriving from, courtesy of Kingpin and Doc Ock’s collider-teleporter-Kirby-cannon.

We'll get to the details in a moment, but we won't bury the lede: the washed-up Peter Parker is shown to hail from Earth-616. And make no mistake, Spider-Man fans, the Earth designated "616" has always referred to the "true" Marvel Comic reality. Meaning it isn’t some alternate reality Peter Parker whose story turns out bad, but the Peter Benjamin Parker the world knows as the first, and forever Spider-Man. Which is going to raise some serious questions.

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