Spider-Man's Going To The NBA Finals in New TV Spot

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

A new TV spot has now been released by Marvel for Spider-Man: Homecoming, where the film's stars also promote the upcoming NBA Finals. In just a few more weeks, the second of three movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being released in 2017, following Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. Big summer releases are a major part of the MCU's history. Every movie released in Phase 1 came to theaters between the months of May and July and one or two movies in the MCU have been released during those months every year since 2010.

Last summer there was only one big MCU film in theaters during the summer months -- Captain America: Civil War. The film kicked off Phase 3 and introduced some heroes the audiences had not seen yet. Among them was Spider-Man, played to great acclaim by Tom Holland. While Peter Parker's origin as Spider-Man has been told twice in films in the last few decades, Holland's youth, enthusiasm, and humor endured him to the audiences. One year later, he is getting his own film that will further connect the character to The Avengers and the rest of the MCU.

New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Gifs

Interestingly, the trailer mostly focuses on Tony Stark and his bodyguard/driver Happy Hogan. Happy asks Tony to sign off on the guest list for his NBA Finals Party, and Stark immediately wants to be sure that Happy invited the kid. When Happy points out that the party is supposed to be sophisticated, Stark asks, "Why do you hate fun?" After a few second of them bantering about facial hair and fashion choices, Happy walks away and asks Friday to do one final check on the party list. She does, after a quick reference to the animosity between Stark and Steve Rogers since Civil War. Spider-Man gets his while capturing a bad guy, and couldn't be more excited about it. The spot ends with a shot of Spider-Man and Iron Man taking off through NYC -- presumably to fight crime.

Aside from the cross promotion with the NBA, the TV spot also highlights the relationship between Stark and Parker that the movie is set to explore. Early media shows that young Parker wants more than anything to be accepted by Stark and to prove himself to the Avengers, so any attention from the iron-clad hero makes Peter pretty thrilled. The relationship between these two heroes is a potential high point in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it's certainly nice to get a taste of it in this spot.

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